The first lesson of real man-on-man sex

My first time wasn’t all that special but it was a little on the interesting side. I just the spent the weekend at my aunts house and was heading home. Well I was walking down this rather busy street and this guy comes into view. It was rather dark and I was a little on the hesitant side however he got closer and I saw how cute he was, well as he was about to pass he said something like “do you want to get your cock sucked?”, I didn’t thingk he said that so I said pardon and he said “wher’s the nearest 7-11” so I told him and started walking away and he called me back, well this time he repeated his original statement and this time I said no, come on I was a 17 year old who was ultra nervous about meeting some guy on the street and halling out my cock so that he could beat the shit out of me or something, anyways to make a long story short we smoked some pot and he started to fondle me (which felt real great) after a few minutes of him talking me into it I let him suck me off under this tree in the middle of a park, boy did he know how to give a great blow job! the gesture and we parted after a few hours! I saw him once more and we did it again in the middle of that small park next to the busy street! Boy I wish I knew where he was now! And wouldn’t you know it, every time I pass a park I get hard!