First Time With Tommy

One afternoon, my friend Tommy came over to my house with a new bathing suit on. He was eager to talk about it. It was all he had on, and My mind just ran away imagining him without the suit. He was half-naked.

I noticed the tan line just above the waistband of the suit and I asked him about it…..Would he show me more of the tan line. Well he did. We began to talk more and more in the days that followed about what he felt like in the shower or in the pool or anything of related subjects. One day he told me a “secret”and that was that he had his mother’s underwear on.

I had to see it on him. He let me pull his outer pants down so I could take a look. Sure enough they were on him. Well I was hooked and so was he. From then on, we talked about body related things. And one day he was making noises like he was passing gas. I asked if he wanted to learn the real way to make that noise. (he did)…I proceeded to show him the trick of lightly putting air into his hiney and having him expel it out. Tommy liked this.

After that lesson he said he had to make an adjustment. What that meant was, he had to straighten out his little hard dick. I asked if I could help him with it. He had never had someone else touch it before. Well you know what happened. He let me touch it from then on I was his teacher. When he discovered the pleasure he received by gently stroking and touching his front-end, we had many naked sessions together until he moved away……..