Where you now Lucio?

One Sunday night, about 10 years ago, I was to meet a few friends at a bar in NY, called Club Cache. My one buddy James showed up with a friend visiting from New York. To better set this up, I am a rather small guy with a nice body and very nice butt. OK, there were a total of five of us running around this bar for the T-dance, and having a blast. James’s friend Lucio was about 23 years old, natural blonde, 6’3″, extremely handsome and hard as a ROCK. His thighs were like tree trunks.

2 of the bartenders (also handsome) had told me the week before they wanted to FUCK my butt silly. I told them I’d consider it if they got me drunk enough (being I don’t usually drink, I thought I was safe). This Sunday the 2 bartenders were at different ends of the bar, but had been in contact with each other about my butt being there.

James, Lucio and I hung pretty tight and the others drifted off. We danced and danced and danced and danced and danced — all the while the bartenders kept sending us drinks (as they were thrilled to have Lucio in the bar too). The bar was packed. After about 23 1/2 6-7 minute 12″ singles and about 6 drinks each, the 3 of us decided to take a break.

Lucio was leaning against the front bar and I was standing in front of him. He asked me to help remove his soaked tight t-shirt. I didn’t want to ’cause I knew it would expose more of his beautiful hard body and I’d start getting hard. But who am I to argue? We got his shirt off and I stood directly in front of him. He put his huge hands on my shoulders and pulled me close to him. Lucio then started messaging my shoulders and arms and worked his way down to my butt. The music was throbbing (and so was my cock). One of the interested bar tenders sent us 2 more drinks (James was off talking to a friend). Lucio pressed my back against his hard sLucioach and SHOUTED in my ear, “I wanna eat and fuck your hole”. He then thrusted his hard cock (still inside his white 501s) into my back. I could feel the size of it going up my spine.

He kept grinding to the music into my back and was sticking his hands down the back of my pants squeezing my butt. There were so many people in this bar that noone was really noticing what was going on (except the bartender behind us). Then I turned around and wrapped my arms around this hard handsome blonde 22 year old and burried my face into his wet chest. I licked the sweat from his blonde hairy armpits and could feel his hard cock against my sLucioach and chest (it WAS that big). I noticed his cock was leaking pre-cum. That was it. I worked my fingers between the buttons of his sweat soaked 501s — no Calvins this night — and started feeling his hard thick cock and pubic hairs. I exposed the tip of his cock through the top of his jeans and started stroking it. The pre-cum oozed. I licked the pre-cum off my fingers and this just sent Lucio wild.

At this point he noticed a couple of guys staring and turned me around (so that my back was against his chest and sLucioach again). I moved about 2 inches away so that I didnt feel his sLucioach against my back (so I could try and suppress my hard on). About 30 seconds later, with the music still pounding and the bar still packed, he pulled me against him again. This time I reached back and unbut- toned his jeans. I took that huge fucking cock in my hand and started rubbing it against my bare back. At this time James came up and started talking to me. “James”, I said, “I’m going to jack-off Lucio right here.” James looked and saw the huge hard cock in my hand. “Stand to the side of me so noone can see.” He stood to our sides and Lucio kept thrusting with slow powerful grinds against my back and hand. I wanted that cock in my mouth and in my butt — there was nothing I could do except let him shoot on my back.

His muscles were tightening — the time for that hot white explosion was close. Trying to stand firm, some fucking ass- hole bumped into me and I about fell — Lucio had his eyes closed and cut loose with the my powerful yell and shot his load — SPURM — SPURM — SPURM — SPURM — he was exposed and about 10 people turned to see the most gorgeous guy in the bar, with the most gorgeous body and cock shooting his load. In my half bent over position (trying to keep my balance) some of his load shot on my cheek — some on the floor — some on a guy in front of us. It dripped down my cheek and I licked it from around my mouth. Both bartenders witnessed the cumming.

Lucio fucked my hole hard later that evening.