He’s a 21 year old student who’s single and loving it!

student twink

I swear the following is completely true. I would not make no doubt of it if I read it but it happened just the way that follows. I was 21, a student and during the previous couple of months I had come out of the closet with a group sex. I figured it was my duty as a straight-appearing chap to let everybody know that homosexuals are not just a bunch of fairies looking for any cock in a storm. Anyway I went home to Newport to visit my parents and see a diminutive in number old surfing buddies. I was prepared to tell them exactly what was going on in my life. Some I knew would be cool; others I was worried about. One of those was Ricky. that lad was a career lifeguard. The consummate blonde hunk. Saturday night we were sitting around his place, having gone through almost a case of beer between the 2 of us, and I said, “Ricky, I have to tell u something.” He smiled and said, “Sure, guy, whatever.” “Ricky. i’m Gay.” “No way! Not you! Did smth happen in school. I mean one thing doesn’t mean…” I interrupted him. “I’m gay. i am sure.” He looked at me and I tried reading his thoughts. I remembered the time we cruised by the Little Shrimp in Laguna and Ricky leaned out the window to yell,”Fags!” I waited. And waited. lastly I asked, “So, what do you think?” He answered in a low, quiet voice, “Can’t u tell?” I answered, exasperated, “No! Tell me!” “Look at my pants.” I looked; I did not watch everything. that guy continued, “I’ve had a dream for a lengthy time about making it with u or Kaleb. I desire u to prove to me you’re indeed gay. I desire you to do to me whatever gay guys do to every other.” I looked at his panties one more time. Now I saw it. A big, hard cock, just poking its head throughout the leg. I couldn’t make no doubt of it. Ricky. Mr. Macho had a fantasy for me. But I knew it was impossible; I wasn’t going to fall for the oldest line in the book about “proving it.” But I did.