First Times

My first time was when I was 11 years old. My best friend had just turned 12 and discovered puberty and jacking off. We were at my house (he lived across the street) swimming in the pool. He said we ought to go skinny-dipping. So we did, and he got hard. I was kind of embarrasse but he wasn’t. He swam right over to me and told me to touch it. I did, and it got harder. Then I got a little hard, and he touched my little dick, which all of a sudden was not so little any more.
Then he said we ought to go into my room so my mom or sister didn’t see us. So we did, and we laid down on my bed and proceeded to show me how to jack off. He told me if I did it long enough I would shoot uncontrollable sperm and would feel great. Well, he did just that, and told me to try. I did, but didn’t come.
The next day, we were at his house swimming, again naked, and he through my swimming trunks out of the pool (we had worn them in, then taken them off). He dared me to jump out and go get them. Well, we had played truth or dare quite a lot, and I was not about to let him dare me to do something and me not do it, so I did. While I was out of the pool, however, his older brother (18) came out in the back yard and saw me. He called us fags and went back inside. We laughed, but decided we’d better go back in the house ourselves before we got into trouble. So we went into his room.

His brother was the only other person home, and he soon left. So we had the house to ourselves. We decided we’d play some more truth or dare. We did the usual things like putting on his mom’s underwear and running through the house naked. Pretty soon, we were both laying on his bed naked together. I wanted to put his dick in my mouth, but didn’t want him to think I was a fag or something, so I dared him to suck on mine (knowing that he would next dare me to suck his).
He did, and as I expected, next it was my turn. I liked it so much, I didn’t stop until he came. It was my first time of tasting cum, and only my second time of even seeing it. But let me tell you, it was certainly not my last time.

I’m now 23 years old, and have had lots of experience playing truth
or dare since that hot afternoon 12 years ago.