A good walk

Cute boy Alejandro

With all this heat and stuff I discover myself looking for fresh ways to relieve a bit of sexual stress! The other night I decided to try
going over to the cruisy part of Hyde Park and discovered myself in a big crowd of horney fellows that felt just like me!
There I was, standing with a hard-on just looking at all that gorgeous meat that was cruising the park looking at me too!! I was approached
by a guy who obviously worked on his body when people like me were not, and this guy stopped right in front of me-
This was a new experience for me and when that guy reached out and cupped his hand on my crotch, I thought I was going to jism right there
and then!! this chab pulled open my fly and released my violent hard-on then started to wank it slowly. I reached out and started to caress
that charming body of his feeling every curve- includong his now erect member. I was thoroughly enjoying myself as a scarcely any other men
walked by and looked like they were going to jump in and join the fun!! However, I couldn’t hold back much longer as this dude pumped
me into a hot sweat!! There it goes! chap I made a massive mess- And loved every minute of it!