Beefy golden-boy Adrian Layton makes his debut to SX Video to top porn veteran Nick Reeves. Nick starts off by stripping Adrian down and sucking on his thick meat and massive low-hanging balls till he begins to get hard and starts face-fucking the Latin hottie. Nick then lays Adrian on his back, spreading his thick thighs apart to get to his virgin asshole, which he begins to tongue and feast on. With Adrian now worked up, Nick decides to deep-throat Adrian till he is rock-hard and then lies down on the bed doggie-style and presents his tight hole, which Adrian plunges his huge thick cock into and starts hammering away. With Adrian’s gigantic balls slapping against Nick’s ass with every thrust, Adrian throws the hungry bottom to the floor and continues pummeling his hole with stabbing thrusts. Adrian continues to make Nick his little bitch as he holds his legs up high over his head and fucks him even harder , until he bends him over the bed and plows the hell out of his ass, driving Nick to squirt a huge load all over his stomach, which Adrian feeds into his mouth. Shortly after, Adrian directs Gabe’s mouth back onto his dick and then jerks his huge cock, until it explodes with creamy jizz all over Nick’s face and mouth, which he licks clean.

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