Casey Tanner stood, his legs braced apart and his arms straining against Doug’s weight. Doug’s muscular legs draped over Casey’s shoulders. His face buried in Doug’s crotch, Casey thought how much this guy loved the powerbomb. It was one of the most good throws in the greatest sport ever-wrestling. How many other sports allowed a guy to nuzzle another guy’s crotch without any questions asked?

Seconds later, this guy dropped to his booty on the mat, slamming Doug Acre onto his back. this chab not quite snickered at Doug’s groans and groans. Just like TK, he was fucking awesome at his job.

The ref called the match in Casey’s favour and the crowd roared. Casey stood and raised his arms triumphantly overhead during the time that Doug pushed himself to his hands and knees.

They’d been professional adversaries for the past three years, wowing fans with their maddest battles and verbal sparring. Their rivalry had made them rich and illustrious. Doug was the guy fans loved to hate and Casey was the hero. They’d had greater quantity rematches than Casey could count. Tonight he’d won back his title, but this chab knew it wouldn’t be lengthy previous to Doug challenged him anew. most likely they’d keep fighting every other until the fans got tired of ’em. Then fresh icons would take their place, but tonight they enjoyed the spotlight again.

Doug, now fully recovered, jumped to his feet and shouted insults at TK. His blue eyes flashed and his meaty torso glistened with sweat. Like TK, that guy was well over six feet and all rock-hard muscle. Fuck, this guy was hawt as hell. Casey considered throwing him down and claiming his a-hole right there, but it couldn’t happen. After all, this was, for many, a family event. Besides, that guy and Doug were supposed to abhor every other’s guts.

Casey turned toward the crowd on the other side of the ring and Doug slapped into him from behind. It felt like he’d been struck by a raging bull. Considering the size of Doug’s cock, a bull was a marvelous accurate description.

Screams and boos filled the stadium. Casey twisted in Doug’s arms, pinned him face down on the mat and whispered close to his ear, “Your a-hole is mine.”

Doug growled and strained to glance at Casey over his shoulder. solely when the ref approached to break them up did Casey release him.

While the ref shouted at Doug for his unsportsmanlike attack, Casey pointed at him and repeated, “Mine.”

Doug snarled and stormed out of the ring, shoving aside several “fans” who had been planted in the crowd just for the purpose of making Doug look nasty.

Match nights were always thrilling. Now that the fight was over, the real pleasure would begin.

* * *

Casey’s darksome sports car glided down the road toward Doug’s Pueblo-style Las Vegas mansion. His heart thumped wildly and his jock already ached. The mere thought of Doug’s tight, pumped up butt made him wish to pull over and whack off, but that would be a waste when this chab was just moments away from the fellow himself.

He paused outside the gate leading to Doug’s property and punched in the pass code. The gate opened and Casey drove through. Then it closed behind him, securing him in a intimate world of fun where this chab and Doug reigned supreme.

He parked in front of the house and, finding the front door ajar, stepped inside the spacious foyer. His black boots echoed on the flagstone floor. A statue of bare Atlas toting the world on his shoulder stood by the staircase that led to Doug’s second floor bedroom.

“Hey!” Casey shouted. “You here?”

“I’m here.” Doug’s unfathomable voice rumbled and this guy stepped through the square passageway that led to his gym and indoor pool.

As naked as the Atlas statue and pumped up even better, he stared at Casey with smoldering blue eyes. His shoulder-length sable hair hung loose. he get to have been swimming, cuz damp tendrils clung to his thick neck. In his fights that guy always wore his hair fastened back, but it looked so fucking hot unrestrained. Casey longed to bury his hands in it, preferably during the time that Doug knelt in front of him and sucked his cock.

Casey moistened his lips, but other than that slight motion, this chab remained still, his legs braced apart and his hands curled into fists at his sides. His gaze at no time left Doug, who approached, his naked feet slapping the flagstone. that guy stopped in front of TK.

“That was some fight tonight,” Casey said.

“Babe, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Doug grasped the back of Casey’s head and overspread his throat in a rough kiss that sent shockwaves of passion racing through him. Casey’s penis stiffened even more and that guy opened his throat to Doug’s tongue. he thrust and clutched Doug’s lean hips, hauling his pumped up body even closer.

Casey crammed Doug’s back against the wall. With his eyes closed, that guy savored Doug’s taste and scent, and the scrape of his five o’clock shadow against his smooth shaven face. Doug’s hands fondled Casey’s back through the thin fabric of his tank, then slid lower to grasp his ass.

Breaking the kiss merely to draw a breath, Casey opened his eyes and stared into Doug’s intense ones. Despite his ruggedly attractive face, Doug had the longest fucking eyelashes Casey had ever seen. Like his hair, they were dark, almost black, and made his eyes seem bluer.

“How about a workout?” Doug said, his voice even deeper and rougher than previous to. this guy thrust his hips against TK, pressing his unyielding cock harder against him.

Casey moistened his lips and rubbed his erection against Doug’s brawny stomach. “You have to ask?”

“Let’s go to the gym.” Doug pushed Casey hard, pushing him back slightly, then brushed past him.

Casey stared at Doug’s beautiful a-hole and long, pumped up legs as that guy strode throughout the passageway. moaning softly, he reached down to rub his rod throughout the confines of his snug jeans. this guy could scarcely wait to disrobe and feel Doug’s bare body against his.

They walked down a long corridor and stepped into the spacious gym complete with machines, free weights and a wrestling ring.

While Casey undressed and flung his garments aside, Doug stepped into the nearby washroom and emerged a pont of time later with condoms and lube. Wearing a crooked yet sexy half-smile, this guy headed for the ring and said, “How about a warm-up?”

“I’m your man,” Casey said, approaching the ring, one hand curled around his cock.

“Bet your ass.” Doug’s gaze drifted toward Casey’s rod and never left it as Casey climbed throughout the ropes. Doug squatted and placed the condoms on the mat.

Kneeling behind him, Casey slid an arm around his neck in a choke hold.

Grasping Casey’s arm, Doug twisted his body and seconds later pinned him to the mat. Chest to chest, they held each other’s gaze for a moment before Doug covered his mouth in a plundering kiss.

Wrapping Doug’s long, darksome hair around his hand, Casey lightly bit his full lower lip, then tugged his head back so he could take up with the tongue and kiss his throat. that guy trilled his tongue over Doug’s Adam’s apple, then laved it.

Their legs entwined, and for several moments they struggled in each other’s grasp, each trying to vigour the other to submit to his will. Their muscles strained and a light sweat broke out over their bodies, making their skin slick. Casey pinned Doug face down on the mat. His stiff knob crammed against the crevice of Doug’s wazoo. It felt warm and slightly roughened by hair. Hell, this chab wanted to plunge his shlong inside Doug. The fellow had the sexiest gazoo on the planet. It was sexy and tight and Doug could take a 10-pounder like no stud he’d ever met.

Doug strained under TK, thrusting his booty against him and exciting him even more.

“You wish it?” Casey panted in Doug’s ear, then thrust his tongue into it and tickled the shell. that guy bit the lobe and tugged on it.

“Fuck yeah.”

“Good.” Casey released his hold slightly, though this guy knew what would happen.

Just as he’d suspected, Doug turned and knocked Casey backward. Their struggle continued, this time with Doug on top. that guy dipped his head lower and kissed Casey hard.

Their arms wrapped around every other and Casey rolled him onto his back. this chab reached down and gasped Doug’s penis. It was as hard as his, but slightly thicker. Doug had a great schlong. Rolling his thumb over the velvety head, Casey smeared droplets of pre-come over it. Doug was obviously as aroused as TK, but they weren’t ready to fuck yet. Not until one of them submitted.

Again they grappled and Casey landed on his back. Doug kissed the broad, smooth expanse of his chest. Other than their tall, strong bodies, the dudes were contrary in looks. Casey had short golden-haired hair, a clean-shaven face, and spent about as much time as a supermodel getting waxed. Doug kept his chest, leg and pubic hair. Though Casey liked the sleek look on himself, Doug’s roughness turned him on large time.

Doug trailed his tongue down Casey’s stomach, then pushed his legs farther apart and licked his pubic area, which, like the rest of him, was waxed.

“Did I ever tell you how much I like this?” Doug asked, running his hands over Casey’s pubic area. “Smooth. It makes your jock look even bigger.”

“Glad you like it.” Casey’s sentence ended in a moan as Doug clutched his penis and took the head between his lips. he sucked and licked the crown and swirled his tongue over the shaft.

Casey closed his eyes and arched his back. “Dude… feels so fuckin’ good.”

Doug tickled the underside of Casey’s cockhead with his tongue. Kneading Casey’s balls, this chab sucked his crown, drawing it far into his mouth.

Shit. this chab might choke himself if this chab takes me in any deeper.

Trembling, his heart pounding, Casey struggled to keep from thrusting into Doug’s throat. “Ah, fuck, man, I’m tapping out.” Casey panted. “I wish my knob up your ass, Doug. Can’t hold out any longer.”

Doug groaned, but continued devouring TK.

“You more excellent quit, chap. I can’t take any more.”

The tension in Casey’s voice must have convinced Doug because this chab backed off. Slowly, he released Casey’s dong. nifty air struck his saliva-slicked 10-pounder and this chab opened his eyes halfway. His chest heaved and his stomach clenched with unfulfilled want. he didn’t even care that Doug had made him give in first.

Doug rose and Casey watched the play of muscles in his long, hard legs and rounded a-hole as that guy crossed the ring to pick up the lube and a pair of condoms. Seconds later that guy returned and dropped to his knees. Doug’s thick weenie was each bit as hard as Casey’s. Unable to resist, Casey curled his fist around it and stroked. A guttural sound escaped Doug, but Casey muffled it with a hard kiss.

He tugged the lube and condoms from Doug’s hand, placed the lube aside and tore open the condoms. he gave one to Doug and the studs rolled them on. Their gazes locked and a smile tugged at Casey’s lips. Doug returned it. No matter what they did, they always appeared to be to move in sync. Maybe that’s why they performed so well in the ring.

Doug lowered himself to his hands and knees and thrust his arse toward TK. “All yours, babe,” Doug said, a smug look on his face. “I knew u wouldn’t be able to put up much of a fight tonight. seems like whenever you win in front of the fans, your sex drive goes out of control.”

Unlike majority people’s idea of submission, Casey and Doug had their own version. Whoever begged for an big o first, submitted. To them it was a battle of wills, every trying to make the other lose control first. Tonight Casey had begged Doug for his a-hole. he just couldn’t wait.

Doug couldn’t resist gloating, but Casey was too turned on to give a shit. Still this chab said, “Yeah and you love it.”

“Fucking right.”

Running a hand over Doug’s built back, Casey wished they didn’t have to keep such a large secret, then his lips curved into a grin. Sneaking around was kind of fun, and it wouldn’t be forever. Eventually they planned to make some professional changes, but not right now.

In the meantime…

Casey squeezed Doug’s ass, then reached for the lube. this chab coated his hands with it, then slid his fingers between the indentation of Doug’s booty and rubbed his sphincter. The taut little ring of muscle twitched and Doug wriggled a bit. Casey imagined his anticipation and smiled. this guy took his time wanking and lubing Doug. while one hand teased his ass, the other slid around to knead his balls and jack off his cock.

For several moments he stroked and rubbed Doug, slowly working him toward a level of passion from which there would be no turning back.

“Come on, TK. You’re making me crazy,” Doug said, his voice ragged.

Casey chuckled.

Straining to glance over his shoulder, Doug said, “Fuck you, man!”

“No, fuck you.” Casey grinned and positioned himself behind Doug, grasping his haunches to hold him steady. The tip of his ramrod crammed against his partner’s pretty a-hole and that guy entered him lazily. Casey’s eyes closed halfway and his heart pounded.

Groaning, Doug lowered his head between his forearms and crammed his brow to the mat.

Casey thrust, his hands clutching Doug’s lean thighs. His lips parted and this guy drew sips of air, his thoughts now completely focused on fucking the sexy wrestler. this guy caressed Doug’s back, then reached around and clutched his rod again.

Doug bucked, his butt jerking backward and driving Casey in deeper.

A shudder tore throughout Casey and his control not quite snapped. this guy squeezed Doug’s dick and stroked faster, his hand keeping time with his thrusting hips.

“Ah, fuck!” Doug groaned, trembling, his body jerking. that guy was so close, and Casey was likewise. “Give it to me,” Doug panted. “Come on, u marvelous fucker. u know I can take that monster dong of yours.”

Torn between laughter and raw pleasure, Casey grinned and thrust harder. Damn, Doug was so hot! His butt thrust in time with Casey’s pumping haunches. Hell, this was the kind of body slam Casey actually enjoyed.

A few more fierce thrusts and Doug came, his wazoo driving backward so hard that this chab might have knocked over a weaker chap. Casey’s leg muscles tightened. that guy released Doug’s cock, held on constricted to his hips and thrust fast, his motions coarse and jerky.

It felt so fucking admirable this chab almost never wanted it to end, but damn that guy needed…

With a raw cry, Casey came, his pulse racing and his eyes shut tight.

He and Doug collapsed onto the mat, Casey draped over Doug, his cheek pressed to his partner’s perspired shoulder. After a pont of time that guy rolled onto his back, his arms flung overhead and his eyes closed.

Doug turned toward him, a crooked grin on his lips and a playful gleam in his eyes that small in number people were lucky enough to watch. In public this chab was the “bad guy,” the wrestler with the mean disposition. Among family and friends, he was quiet and serious. He’d one time admitted Casey was the solely person he felt he could really relax around. Casey understood, ‘coz he felt the same way about Doug.

“How about a swim?” Doug asked, lightly caressing Casey’s chest. that guy bent and took a nipple between his teeth and tugged on it gently.

Caressing Doug’s black hair, he said, “Sounds precious to me.”

They left the ring and headed for the bathroom where they discarded their condoms and cleaned up.

Doug took Casey’s hand and they made their way to the pool. Glancing down at their entwined fingers, Casey anew thought how fortunate that guy was.

Moments later, they dove into the heated water. They swam a scarcely any laps side-by-side, then stopped, hanging onto the white tile edge, their elbows touching and gazes locked.

Droplets of water clung to Doug’s lashes, but that guy blinked them away. this chab reached out and swept a fingertip over Casey’s lips.

“Come here.” Doug motioned with his head and swam toward the shallow end of the pool.

Casey followed him. When they neared the stairs leading out of the pool, Doug clutched Casey’s forearm and shoved him down so this guy sat on the steps.

His heartbeat quickening, Casey spread his legs as Doug settled between ’em and submerged. Underwater, that guy grasped Casey’s cock and guided the head betwixt his lips. this chab sucked and licked, using the tip of his tongue to prod the little eye and then take up with the tongue the ultra-sensitive underside.

Groaning, Casey shifted his position slightly so that this chab leaned back, his elbows resting on the tile and his cock thrusting into Doug’s mouth.

While that guy licked and sucked, Doug’s fingertips teased Casey’s a-hole. this guy stroked the ring of muscle and pushed his fingers inside.

Eyes closed and heart pounding, Casey submitted completely to his paramour. Doug knew exactly what this chab wanted and not ever failed to give it to him. His skilled tongue, lips and teeth satisfied TK, poking him almost to the edge but not quite.

Finally, Doug came up for air. Panting, he pushed tendrils of soaked hair from his face.

“Hell, babe, you’re killin’ me,” Casey said, his voice practically a growl. this guy gripped Doug’s powerful shoulders and kissed him, his tongue thrusting unfathomable into his lover’s warm, wet mouth.

Doug’s tongue sparred with Casey’s and when the kiss broke, that guy ducked underwater afresh. This time this guy sucked Casey’s ramrod so deep into his throat that the tip brushed the back of his face hole. Then this chab withdrew it slowly, scraping his teeth lightly along the shaft. When his tongue relentlessly flicked the tip, Casey lost all control. His fingers clutched the slippery tile steps and his body jerked as this guy came into Doug’s face hole. Panting hard, that guy closed his eyes and arched his neck back during the time that Doug drained him completely.

Once again Doug broke the surface and sat beside Casey on the steps. Wrapping an arm around Doug, Casey tugged him close and panted, “You damn near killed me, but baby, what a way to go.”

Doug chuckled. below the water, this chab trailed his fingertips over Casey’s spent cock.

After a moment, Doug stood and Casey opened his eyes, gazing up at him. Doug’s knob was rock-hard and Casey couldn’t resist tasting it. Kneeling on the top step, this chab gripped Doug’scock and ran his tongue up the shaft, then swirled it over the crown.

Doug clasped Casey’s head. while Casey sucked and licked him, Doug massaged his scalp. Damn, this guy loved engulfing Doug’s jock almost as much as this guy liked Doug sucking his.

He laved the bulging head and licked the shaft again, then nuzzled his balls and licked ’em also. Doug’s moans and ragged breathing said him the dude was close. Doug abruptly clutched Casey’s shoulders and pushed him back slightly.

“Let’s finish upstairs,” Doug told and offered his hand to TK, who slid his into it.

They didn’t speak as they made their way to the foyer, then upstairs to Doug’s bedroom.

He had a great room. Spacious, with an archway separating the sleeping area from a sitting room. Wrought metallic doors opened to a balcony with potted plants and a breakfast table.

Like TK, Doug had an oversized ottoman. Right now it was covered in pale blue sheets. Casey walked to it and stretched out on his back. Wearing a hawt grin, Doug straddled him. His calloused hands stroked Casey’s chest. They held every other’s gazes and Casey reached up to caress Doug’s cheek.

It was funny, but when they screwed in the ring or in the pool, they liked it rough, but in couch their lovemaking became gentler and somehow greater amount intimate.

Doug’s eyes closed halfway and this chab bent to brush Casey’s mouth with a kiss. Cupping the back of his lover’s head, Casey thrust his tongue into Doug’s mouth. Their tongues stroked and teased. For several moments they explored every other with delicate kisses. Doug stretched out on top of Casey so they lay chest to chest and haunch to thigh, their knobs trapped betwixt their bodies. Despite two amazing orgasms, Casey’s dick stirred afresh. Doug’s was still rock-hard.

After giving such great head, Doug merited payback and Casey longed to finish the job he’d started by the pool.

He shoved Doug onto his back, clutched his thick wrists, and guided his hands to the oak headboard. Doug gripped it and Casey kissed and licked his marvelous chest, pausing solely to rub his cheek against the enticing mat of darksome hair that covered the broad expanse. he trailed his tongue down Doug’s muscular abdomen and fondled his ribs. When this guy reached his cock, Casey clutched it and stroked during the time that nuzzling Doug’s pubic hair. he lapped Doug’s thick rod like an ice ball batter cone, savoring his texture, smack and musky scent. while he sucked his dong head and stroked his shaft, this chab slid a finger betwixt his gazoo cheeks and fondled his hole, enjoying the fine, fuzzy hair dusting the soft flesh. this guy loved the way his partner’s chocolate hole tightened and pulsed against his fingertips. nearly everything about Doug turned him on.

Casey left Doug’s 10-pounder merely to take up with the tongue his abs and once afresh rub his face against his pubes. that guy dipped his tongue into Doug’s stomach button, then that guy licked the joining of his thighs and haunches. The whole time this guy continued teasing Doug’s sphincter. Casey lightly bit Doug’s inward thighs, then lapped the faint marks left by his teeth.

Groaning, Doug released the headboard and reached for TK. he stroked his shoulders and back, then clutched his head and guided his throat back to his cock.

“Come on, babe,” Doug said, his voice husky. “Give it to me or let me have your wazoo. Can’t await anymore.”

Casey grinned, then swallowed Doug’s shlong. Not that this guy didn’t like the idea of Doug fucking him, but tonight he wanted to engulf his lover to orgasm. the next day night his butt would be Doug’s coz this chab had no doubt that during their next session, he would make Doug submit and beg to fuck him. Like in their public matches, they usually ended up alternating winners in their intimate ones. Not that Doug wouldn’t give his superlatively good discharged tomorrow, but Casey intended to even the score. this guy would kill ’em the one and the other with pleasure in advance of submitting afresh. Casey would make Doug admit that guy couldn’t take anymore, that this guy needed Casey’s booty as much as he needed his next breath.

Casey sucked Doug hard, then let the tip of his weenie rest betwixt his lips and flicked his tongue along the underside, stimulating that sensitive place until Doug shouted and came. Casey held his cock, licking and swallowing until that guy finished Doug completely.

He sat up and wiped a hand over his mouth during the time that gazing at Doug, who lay flat on his back, his chest heaving, his eyes closed and a faint smile on his lips.

Casey went to the bathroom, rinsed his face hole and splashed nifty water on his face. When that guy returned to bed, Doug pulled him into his arms. For several moments they lay, their bodies entwined.

Glancing at the digital clock on the nightstand, Casey said, “I’ve gotta go.” this guy kissed Doug, reluctantly rose from the daybed and stood, stretching his arms overhead. Tilting his gaze upward, he stared at the stars through the skylight.

When this chab looked back at Doug, this guy found his lover staring at him with an expression that made Casey’s temperature rise.

“Keep looking at me like that and I might end up staying all night.”

Doug shrugged and kicked the sheet aside, widening his lengthy legs. His schlong rested against his flat belly. Curling his fist around it, he stroked, awakening it.

“Doug…” Casey warned.

Those full, charming lips curved into a mischievous smile that Casey couldn’t resist. this guy climbed onto the bed, braced a hand on either side of Doug’s head and kissed him. Their tongues thrust, tasting and teasing. one as well as the other guys groaned and Doug’s free hand curled around Casey’s cock.

“I indeed need to go,” Casey whispered against Doug’s lips. “Don’t desire to be caught coming out of here first thing in the morning.”

“I know.” Doug stroked his weenie a not many more times, then released it, leaving Casey longing for greater quantity. shoving him aside, Doug said, “Get outta here.”

Groaning with disappointment, Casey left the couch. “Rematch at my place the next day night?”

“Wouldn’t miss it.”

With a final glance at his lover, Casey left the bedroom to acquire clothed. On his way out of the house, a grin tugged at his lips.

Right now their careers wouldn’t allow them the freedom of going public with their “friendship,” but this chab and Doug had discussed a change in the near future. They hadn’t ironed out the details yet, but one day pretty soon wrestling fans would be surprised to see two renowned rivals transition to a tag team like they’d at no time seen previous to.

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