Breath burning as it blew through his dry mouth, he ran. His undressed feet pounded on the ground and his heart raced in time with the footfalls. this guy could feel the sweat bead up on his forehead, burning as it trickled into his eyes, but this chab didn’t dare slow his stride lengthy sufficiently to wipe it away.

He was so scared.

The coppery smack of fear overflowed his throat, almost choking him on the emotion that lent his feet flight and made him hyper aware of anything around him.

He not quite stumbled as a loud metallic clank to his left made him jerk in surprise. It too jolted the ring wrapped tightly at the base of his weenie. that guy whimpered as the tiny electric shock sizzled his pulsating member and sent a jolt to his overflowing balls.

God, he had not ever felt this hard before, this hungry. he was hard enough to fuck a hole in concrete, yet this guy knew he dared not stop and touch. It was forbidden, the touching, unless at the consent of his master.

It was nearly painful to walk and nearly impossible to run. That this guy had maintained this pace for so lengthy was a testament to the training this guy received beneath his master’s implacable hand and his own steely will.

He felt his master’s much loved lubricant, the kind his slaver preferred for prolonged sex play, slip from around the toy that throbbed in his booty. It oozed betwixt his wazoo cheeks, making the taut flesh slip together in a way he knew his slavemaster discovered pleasing.

And his corporalist was watching. that guy could feel those eyes burning between his shoulder blades, urging him to run faster, harder, to try and acquire away.

Catch and tease was a much loved game of his master’s, and the dude was deliciously merciless when it came to dishing out retribution for any perceived wrong.

Yet… yet this game of chase — this time it was all his fault.

He had solely wanted to look.

Everyone in his master’s household had spoken of his beloved slave, had spoken of her grace in submission, how she wallowed in pain and pleasure for their master, how perfect she was.

Women held a special place in his master’s household. There were the breeders, for his taskmaster was a mighty warrior and had sired many healthy dudes for the empire, and the women this chab chose to bear his progeny were always the brightest, the almost all beautiful, the almost all delightsome in advance of they were converted.

Males in his master’s household served quite a different purpose.

On a whole, in their society, men were the body servants, the whipping posts, the bearers of non-pleasurable pang and a source of one as well as the other amusement and exercise to the warriors.

In his master’s household, the human dudes were truly body servants, but they were likewise the bearers of the sexual aggression the guys could not take out on fragile women.

His slavemaster trained ’em harshly, it was true, but they served willingly ‘coz sexual dominance given with a dose of violence and tempered with excitement was so much more good than being beaten for each imagined offense.

Yes, his dom recognized the value of his males, but this chab not quite stayed true to the code in which that guy had been reared. And that meant severe torment for knowingly breaking a rule.

He had looked.

He knew when the slavemaster would be entertaining his current favorite, and that guy discovered a darksome corner to hide in, to watch, to imagine that it was he who was pounding into the constricted butt of his master’s plaything.

And this babe was beautiful, her black skin glistening with sweat, her red face hole open as that babe screamed and panted her joy and her pain. he watched her a-hole cheeks quiver as a lash was laid to them, rising beautiful, darksome red welts, as her liquid desire slid down her hungry wet crack and coated her thighs.

He watched, and this guy pictured how flawless it would be to have her underneath his hand, to feel her muscles shift whilst she writhed in feeble fun. he could feel her full boobs bouncing in his hands, feel her hard teats burning bright spots of heat into his palms.

How this guy had wanted her, had damned their slaver for having her. How this chab damned his own pitiful soul, denied the rights to a woman of his own unless at the behest of his master.

He had watched and he had grown hard and slick with precum from the very thought of burying his throat in her pussy, of sliding his penis unfathomable within her hot, clenching depths. He’d absently stroked himself as this chab watched and had grown dizzy with the thought of fucking her hard enough that this guy could drive the breath from her lungs and bury his seed as unfathomable inside her straining body as that guy could.

But the slaver had seen him.

Enraged, the dom had dragged him from his corner, his lash tearing into the skin of his back as this chab cowered in arousal and fear. It was the arousal that stayed his master’s hands.

He was elegant in his discipline, allowing him to know he would be punished, yet not telling him how or when.

“Games,” the dominant had purred as this guy reached down and ran his hands throughout his sweat-tangled hair. “I like games, but you may not like the ones I have in mind for you.”

Then the master’s hands were on his cock, roughly stroking the hard length, making him grunt as this guy fought against the urge to thrust into the man’s tight, hawt fist. this guy closed his eyes, and his mind went just now to the female.

“You wish her, yes,” the slavemaster purred, his thumb running along the head of his slave’s swollen cock, combining ache and arousal, fear and need, until all that guy could do was whimper and stare pleadingly up at the other man.

But dominant would not let him come. this guy instead placed a metal chastity device over his dick and balls, laughing as his aroused flesh was fed into and locked behind a circular gate that denied extra sensation while keeping him on the keen knife-edge of desire.

He shook his head desperately, eyes going wide as the function of the device made itself known.

“That shlong is mine, curious one,” this chab purred as this guy stroked his slave’s hair in an effort to calm him. “And you shall acquire your comeuppance when I am ready. But until then, you will be kept hard and waiting for my pleasure.”

Master’s touch solely fed the need to come, a need denied by the device that ringed his wang to keep it pointing downward whilst it poked his balls low, preventing ’em from rising to expel their churning load. There was a space at the tip for him to void urine and to run water throughout to clean himself — slavemaster believed in cleanliness — but that was it.

He was released to venture back to the male quarters, his shame on display for the others to see and whisper about.

That had been days ago.

As this guy went about his duties, the shiny cage betwixt his legs an uncomfortable reminder of how he’d trespassed, this chab could feel Master’s eyes upon him. His skin grew sensitive to the point where the very air passing over him sent signals to his pecker to receive willing to fuck like his life depended on it. But the arousal only fed the burning need in his gut, and his trapped cock ached relentlessly as his balls swelled.

At night he could hear the dudes taking fun from each other, and the sounds and smells of hard, despairing sex followed him into his dreams where this chab was plagued by visions of her — her with her legs spread wide and welcoming, her with the taskmaster plunging in deep, making her shriek and yell as her juices coated them both, of slaver motioning him to join in, to fuck her as hard as that guy liked whilst that babe begged and pleaded for more.

He would awaken from those scintillating dreams greater amount exhausted than when he succumbed to sleep. His arousal became a constant companion, lazily driving him avid as this chab became obsessed with the thought of ripping the device off and stroking himself until that guy erupted in glorious, mind-numbing orgasm.

He was so tired that when he was traveling back to the men’s quarters at the end of the day this guy nearly didn’t hear the whispered command that echoed throughout the hall.


He jumped and looked over his shoulder to watch the flash of Master’s golden eyes previous to this chab took off racing down the hall.

The first time this guy had been caught, a group of the master’s friends cornered him in a hall where they tackled him to the ground.

“He always has the superlatively good stock,” one chuckled as they ran their hands — their large, calloused hands — over his body, tweaking his nipples, flipping him over to his stomach where his gazoo cheeks were spread.

He whimpered when that guy felt soft fingers circle his opening, sending a wave of delicious fear shooting throughout his body.

He was so turned on by the race and the adrenaline rushing through his veins that that guy thought his penis would rend the cage apart, this guy had grown so hard.

“Always gently here,” a voice instructed, and several fingers teased at his winking asshole.

He felt so empty. How long had it been since he’d screwed or had been drilled? The remembered burn of penetration made his body shiver and sweat as his hole twitched hungrily.

He shuddered and whimpered helplessly as lubricated fingers finally sank inside him, widening the slick unguent his slaver liked during the time that stretching him open.

“So tight,” someone, that guy dare not open his eyes to see, commented. “Like silk inside.”

“I can’t wait until I elect my first male,” some other said as that guy felt smth hard and rounded press against the taut guardian muscles of his hole.

“Ohhh…” he groaned uncontrollably as he felt himself gently split open, as the hard, smooth shaft of a lubed sex tool made its way inside his body.

“Look at him wiggle,” somebody else whispered, running a finger over his trembling cheeks.

He could feel his aperture welcoming this intrusion and, begging for more, this chab shoved his thighs backwards.

“So hungry for it,” somebody joked.

The nerves in his gazoo caught fire as the sex-toy was screwed in and out of his body a hardly any times, loosening him, he hoped, for a larger invasion.

“It’s like his a-hole sucked it in.” The sex-toy was turned on, forcing volts of electricity from his wazoo to his brain then down to his straining dick. that guy whimpered as his breath became even greater amount labored and his toes curled with such bewitching pleasure.

The tugging on his nipps and the hands slapping his a-hole only drove his arousal higher. Gods, this guy could feel it building within him, a tension that arched his back and threatened to snap his spine it was so powerful.

He threw back his head as the pleasure muscular and brawny with no signs of stopping. His trapped ramrod throbbed, his balls churned, bright lights were flashing behind his eyes…

Then just as quickly, the hands were gone and this chab discovered himself on his knees alone. The merely proof that he had been so deliciously molested was the buzzing vibrator in his butt and the remaining feel of the phantom fondles that had not quite driven him mad.

“I told run!”

The shouted command made him stumble to his feet, almost tripping as a jolt of joy discharged through him. The sex toy was locked into his chastity cage and served to strike his prostate with every step that guy took.

Arousal became smth painful, yet this chab wanted greater amount of it. His first step had been near agony, but the sound of the master’s breathing behind him lent his feet wings. he tore throughout the darkened hallways, feeling every step as bewitching castigation as shards of pleasure drowned his nerves. this chab moaned with every step, desperate to do anything, everything at all the dominant wanted, so lengthy as his dick was freed so this guy could acquire off.

He scarcely realized where this chab was running until he ran face first into a chain link fence. that guy spun around and took one step previous to he collided with a massive wall of hard, muscled flesh.

“Caught you.” It was his slavemaster. 2 coarse hands grabbed his arms, forcing them over his head and back against the chain link fence.

“M-mas –” this guy tried to open his mouth and beg, but smth smooth and warm ran along his face, caressing his lips. It was warm and slick, and the scent of spice and vanilla filled his nostrils as he realized what it was.

Moaning, that guy opened his throat as one of his master’s tentacles slid deep into his mouth. With a strangled moan, he choked in advance of that guy began engulfing hard, running his tongue over the softly rounded tip, whimpering around his mouthful as the tentacle shuddered and slid deeper, teasing sensitive nerves at the back of his throat.

He calmed at this familiar act. this chab knew what was coming. The dominant loved filling him and knew how this guy needed to be filled. It made him engulf harder, smiling as that guy heard the slavemaster hiss in reaction.

If this chab did this right, that guy was going to acquire fucked so hard, just the way this chab needed to relieve his frustrations.

“Yes, my little nasty one. suck it hard.”

Then there were other tentacles, meaty ones wrapping around his arms and holding him in place. Agile ones flicked across his skin, their texture like petite little tongues, latching onto his nipps and suckling strongly.

He whimpered, his legs going weak, his dong palpitating in its cage, but some other set of tentacles caught him, holding him steady.

“You like to look, don’t you?” corporalist asked and this chab groaned, knowing his taskmaster had not forgotten his trespass. “They like to look as well,” his slavemaster whispered. he looked up over his master’s huge shoulders to see the room filling with youthful warriors in training.

He whimpered in fear. Would the slavemaster share him? Was his offense so great?

“Shhh,” his taskmaster soothed. “The smack of fear taints your flavor.”

He looked back into his master’s face and whimpered when he saw the nasty grin that naked his front fangs. he knew then that no matter what happened, his dominant would not allow him to be harmed.

“Do u trust me?” corporalist asked, not indeed caring about the answer but demanding one all the same. Master’s hand fisted in his tangled hair, jerking his head back as his tentacle sank in deeper. “Shhh, just nod, little one. Just nod and let me know what you feel. That’s it,” corporalist added as this chab nodded his head slightly, spit sliding down his chin as a spurt of rich, fascinating liquid filled his throat. His master’s flavor changed when he was happy. that guy choked a little as the crazy tentacle slid deeper than expected but then this chab opened his mouth and allowed it access, like this chab had been trained. he caught a breath as it pulled back before sliding deeper down his throat than before.

“Mmm,” this chab moaned, closing his eyes as the tentacles began to crawl over his body one time greater amount. he shuddered and fought the urge to jerk away. this guy was already in enough trouble and had no idea what his slavemaster had planned.

“Are u going to be a wonderful little slave?” dom asked. Fingers trailed down his sides, making him jump, and his dick began to ooze precum like a faucet. The long, silvery trails dropped to the floor betwixt his feet as he shuddered in delight.

He was apprehensive, yet felt so nice being filled after so long. this chab clenched down on the sex toy in his gazoo. A teasing tentacle, as if feeling the muscle clench, began to explore his stretched hole.

“So hungry,” slaver purred. “You and she react the same. Though I love her taste when it is seasoned with anger. Desperation gives you a taste I love most of all in my males.”

Master leaned forward and licked his face, running his tongue along the cheek to the bottom of his ear, which this guy gently nipped. “And u will give me what I want, will you not?”

The tentacle toying with his tongue withdrew, making him whimper at the loss. The suckling had calmed him, but now that guy was faced with Master’s wrath with no place to hide.

But then dom was giving a kiss him, his tongue forcing its way inside, licking out all the lovely flavor the tentacle left behind. this chab moaned into the kiss, leaning into the master’s body. His agile fingers reached low to release the lock on the chastity cage.

One coarse tentacle ripped it from his body and tossed it away to be lost in the shadows. this chab groaned at the freedom, feeling enjoyable release about to explode as his nose and his toes tingled. But the tentacle swiftly returned to his cock, holding it with a softer, though no less firm, grip than the chastity device. A coiled loop wrapped around his balls, tugging them down and preventing him from coming even as corporalist began to clench around his cock, milking it, arousing him further during the time that not allowing him release.

He almost cried as some other tentacle gripped the sex toy and it too was jerked free and flung away, leaving his clenching walls suddenly empty, leaking with hunger, and hopeless for release.

He opened his mouth to beg, to plead, and to promise everything so lengthy as this guy wasn’t left in this state, when the previous oral-stimulation invader returned to his face hole. Eagerly, this guy sucked upon it, his heart racing as this chab was once afresh filled with the flavor of his master.

He jerked as another tentacle, a wide one, began to tease his winking, hungry chocolate hole. this guy tried to shove back on it, wanting something, anything, there to sooth his ache, but corporalist held him fast.

“It’s not what you want. It is all about what I want.” slaver groaned, lifting him off his feet. “Am I understood?”

He jerked as his heart raced faster. dom looked so intimidating, so powerful, that this guy automatically relented, tilting his head to the side in surrender.

“Yes.” dom hissed, bending forward and sinking teeth into his neck, drawing a tentacle-muffled cry from his throat. Then the tentacle giving teasing brushes to his gap stiffened previous to it circled one time throughout the lube, melted from his body heat, and slammed unfathomable inside.

Fire! he grunted, writhing, as fire filled his nerves and made his body arch upward. Gods, yes! Finally, there was something filling him, stretching him further than the vibrator, smth hawt and slick and made of flesh and fire.

He whimpered as the tentacle in his throat slammed deep, fucking his face as its partner fucked his ass, withdrawing and slamming deep anew and again, sending his senses reeling with the divine enjoyment of being completely filled.

“Such a beautiful little fuck toy.” Master’s hands released his waist and went to the fastenings of his own panties. “My little serf to deal with as I wish.”

He struggled to look down, but another tentacle wrapped around his head, holding it still whilst his face hole was being fucked. this chab tried to lift his legs, to wrap them around Master’s beefy body, but one more set of tentacles grabbed his legs, hefting him in the air while one more tentacle began to tease the flesh around his hole.

Yes, please, this chab wanted to scream. this guy wanted to thrust back onto that organ. this guy wanted to be taken, to end this damned charming torture.

As if sensing his thoughts, the tentacle around his rod heated up as this guy began to slide up and down, precum slicking its way.

And all the while, dominant stood there, a smirk on his lips, his face impassive as he worked over his slave’s body.

His mind began to spin as the torment continued. Tentacles still feasted on his nipps and ran along the sensitive spots of his body. The second tentacle teasing at his opening began to shove inside next to its partner, drawing a strangled gasp from his mouth as the adorable burn in his wazoo increased. he felt the pressure that drew his balls up increase in advance of the second tentacle popped into his wazoo. His body shuddered helplessly in Master’s grasp, his mind trying to understand what had brought him to this state.

Oh. He’d disobeyed the rules and watched.

And the pleasurable torture went on, his face hole fucked, his wazoo fucked, taskmaster staring at him as if unaffected, and that guy felt his heart burn. And this chab broke.

I’m sorry, this guy wanted to shriek. Please forgive me. I’ll do anything. His body grew lax, his muscles easing as this guy surrendered completely, accepting this torment as his due.

He had not followed the rules. he deserved to have this done to him, to have this fun coercive upon his person and then his release denied. His anything belonged to the slaver. anything was his master’s — his tears, his sweat, his pleasure, his pain.

So much greater amount thorough than a whipping, this denial of release was a reminder of his station in life out of his dominant having to harm him with a beating. Then the tentacles lifted him, flipping him upside down and lowering him headfirst toward his master’s dick. The tentacle invading his face hole teased the back of his throat before it withdrew, leaving the sweet, vanilla flavor of slaver behind.

And in its place, the master’s huge dong coercive its way into his face hole. this guy grunted, eagerly accepting his master’s flesh as he tried to implore for forgiveness by how well this chab suckled. His own need for release became secondary as this chab began to worship the Master’s weenie. this guy teased it with his tongue, engulfing his cheeks in deep to give greater amount friction. this chab hummed softly, hoping the vibration would please Master.

“Take it,” dominant trilled softly. “Take it all down, like a valuable little slave.”

Master’s hands on his head held him steady as Master’s hips began to pump, fucking his face with the same rhythm as the tentacles fucked his butt. dominant ignored his choking and the spit that ran down his face as this chab grunted in joy. Yes, this was what he, a slave, was for. this guy was being punished, and then master would forgive.

He almost screamed in disbelief as corporalist raised him a bit. Suddenly his wang was enveloped in a tight, soaked heat. Gods, the master’s mouth felt beautiful! It was hawt and soft and wet, the master’s tongue wrapping around his leaking head and suckling down his precum as if it were a flavored nectar.

He whimpered, tears flowing from his eyes as Master’s teeth pricked him. Had master forgiven him? His heart lightened, and he attempted to show dominant how glad this chab was, wanting to reach inside his panties to caress his balls and rub his haunches. But the tentacles holding his hands refused to relent. They forced him into stillness as this fun was compulsory upon him.

He wanted to move, to thrust his hips, to come, but the tentacle still wrapped around his balls prevented that. And corporalist sucked harder, pulling him down his throat, which was better than any love tunnel he’d ever screwed. It was slick and hot, a silken bed for his needy cock, and the way the muscles cushioned him drew shouts from his filled throat.

Then, just as suddenly, Master’s knob ripped free from his mouth, leaving him feeling bereft, and this chab was spun around another time. he was tossed face first against the chain link fence as the tentacles fucking his butt were swiftly withdrawn. he inhaled once, anticipation making him freeze, and then this guy was filled to overflowing by the master’s cock.

“Please!” this guy shouted as that guy felt the slavemaster envelop him, the spicy scent surrounding him, the beloved, execrated tentacles holding him in place as his a-hole was speared like not ever before.

It hurt so damn good! he could feel the Master’s odd-shaped head with its rings graze his prostate. It was so different than his or those of the other males in the male quarters. The wide, heated shaft sent waves of ecstasy through his body as taskmaster plunged deep, grinding in to ensure every inch was buried properly.

“Everything you are belongs to me,” slavemaster hissed as that guy felt himself submit, the burning in his wazoo ideal cuz it was caused by master. “Everything you feel is mine.”

“Yes,” this guy whimpered, using his booty muscles to milk taskmaster as hard as this guy could. This was for slavemaster. His aching 10-pounder and swollen balls were of no consequence. he moaned when the corporalist tightened his grip on him, fucking him so fiercely that the sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the air.

“You are mine!”

“Yes, Master!” this chab wailed as that guy felt the master’s teeth slam into his shoulder, breaking the skin, marking him so everybody would watch he had been taken and punished as was Master’s right.

“Then come for me,” dom hissed in his ear, trilling softly as his ramrod began to vibrate.

And he released. The tentacle controlling his balls retreated and slammed up against the base of his cock.

Days of pent-up frustration suddenly snapped, forcing his body into a deep arch as his muscles froze and his shlong jerked. The first spurt of seed was almost painful as it shot from his body, flooding his entire being with joy. The next scarcely any were pure, heavenly hell as his balls tried to empty themselves and his jock shuddered, turning a deep, angry purple as it spurted again.

He could feel the muscles in his gazoo clench around the thick shaft of the jock fucking him into oblivion, increasing the ecstasy that guy felt from this beefy taking. once more and anew his body spewed forth his seed until that guy was a shivering, perspired mess held vertical only by the master’s tentacles and his thick, thrusting cock.

“Delicious,” the master groaned as this guy thrust deeply one more time before a warm heat soothed the burn in his ass.

Then master’s tentacle whipped over him, feeding as his enjoyment dropped him into a pleasant lethargy that that guy knew would final for hours if the taskmaster so willed it.

“See how my little toy gives over to me?” the taskmaster explained as the others gathered in a loose circle around, curious, but this time not touching.

“You can beat a human into a bloody mass, and they still will revolt and turn against you.”

Master jerked out roughly, and that guy whimpered at the loss, poking back to get slaver back into his body where that guy belonged.

“But if you train the mind, they will always fold under your dominance. And when they accept your yoke, they will never turn from u no matter what.”

“But this was punishment?” one voice asked and dominant chuckled, the low cruel sound making him shiver all over again.

“The torment for his curiosity? That was given when I lashed him after I found him.”

“Then this exercise?” the younger warrior asked.

“This was pure pleasure.” The corporalist laughed. “I love to see this male worked up and frightened. But that guy tastes more good when this guy is hopeless. And after a week of arousal, that guy was very palatable indeed.”

The others laughed as the taskmaster spun him around and the tentacles lifted him into his master’s arms. he cradled him softly, a tentacle running over his body as if seeking the last of his essence.

He closed his eyes, relaxing in Master’s hold.

“Come, you can aid in his cleanup, and maybe I’ll take him again so u can observe how this chab responds underneath the lash. The chaps are beefy in mind and in body, but are often the first to respond to intense stimulus.”

As that guy was carried from the room, the mad young warriors following, this guy realized slaver actually owned him body and soul.

“Though not my favorite, I’ll keep this male a bit longer. that guy fascinated me,” slavemaster decided. “One would almost make no doubt of this chab misbehaved on purpose just so he could experience my discipline. And if his desperation adds such spice to his flavor, I wonder what ache will do.”

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