Is there somebody else who pops a truly hard woody from smelling the skid marks in a juvenile boy’s underpants? Not those faint, light brown ones either. I mean the really black ones, with the boy’s enchanting shit caked onto the surface, and ground into the cotton fibers, so that the aroma’s just as nice on the outside too. u know what I mean?

I was appointed assistant headmaster at an neverseen boys’ school, just after my graduation from the exclusive college the school is affiliated with. u may think that showed I was not setting my sights very high, but there’s a place in high society for the educators of the juvenile rich, too. more than one way to the top, I think.

I’d just been married 2 months before, to my high school sweetheart. One thing i would noticed when we were fucking, I really liked smelling her ass. Oh, I couldn’t come right out and stick my nose up her butt, of course, but when I was licking her pussy, i would receive plenty of whiffs of her other hole, and that babe liked feeling my finger up her ass when I was eating her, so I could smell that finger later on, like dessert.

So anyway, I was the assistant headmaster, which sometimes means “available dickhead.” It seems the laundress had decided to receive herself knocked up, and inevitably took some time off. So the headmaster decided that I could 1) cover in her absence and two) learn the jobs of the people below me. There I was, sorting out laundry for cleaning, when I ran across a pair of boy’s underpants, the white ones, you know, with the huge skid marks i would ever seen. And right in the midst of the skid mark, there was a big, round brown spot, like something had smeared this boy’s crap.

On a whim, I tentatively brought his underpants up near my nose. The fragrance was just like I remembered from when, as a boy, I used to smell my own underpants. My dick just now hardened and tented out my slacks. I couldn’t believe how good these bawdy underpants smelled to me. I brought the fabric right next to my nose, so that the thin layer of this anonymous boy’s dried shit was rubbing against the skin of my nose, and I inhaled deeply. I thought i would cum just from sniffing his pretty perfume.

After inhaling, and not quite hyperventilating, my tongue shoved out to touch at the crap on the cloth, and for the 1st time I tasted shit. It didn’t really smack like anything, but the thought of licking a young boy’s underpants sure gave me a thrill. I went over and locked the door, as I was working alone and unlikely to be disturbed, but wasn`t about to take any chances. I loosened my belt and top button, so that my pants fell down around my ankles, and then took down my boxers until they were just under my ass, freeing my dick for the release I wanted to give it NOW.

I put the boy’s dirty underpants on my head, so that the brown-stained inside (and I made SURE it was the inside, no second hand shit for me), where the boy’s rear end had nestled itself warmly, was right over my nose, and during the time that I sucked in his enchanting perfume and licked at his shit, I began stroking my plump ramrod. It didn’t take more than a few strokes previous to I was shooting the huge load of my life. I caught the tail end of my cum in my other hand, and in advance of I thought about it, moved the underpants aside and popped my wad of cock juice in my throat. I savored its salty-sweet smack and, deciding I liked it, swallowed.

I took the underpants off my head and inspected the waistband. The name there, moreover “Fruit of the Loom,” was “Torque, T.”, written in permanent marker. I knew Johnny Torque, a quiet 12 year old in the seventh grade. As I recalled him, he was about 4’8″ tall, maybe 85 pounds, with unfathomable blue eyes, and wildly tousled impure blond hair, no matter how he tried to control it. I recalled that that guy was doing quite well in classes, but didn’t mix much with the other chaps. His parents were doing something or other for the State Department, and I couldn’t recall seeing ’em visit him.

As it happened, a not many days later, Johnny was assigned by the headmaster to assist me in the laundry. We got to talking about this and that, and began to have a fun every other’s company. Johnny told me of his life with parents in the Diplomatic Corps, and of some of his adventures. After three days, he no longer was required to assist out, but chose to come down in any case. In the course of our continuing discussions about life, Johnny happened to come across a pair of his underpants, stained each bit as much as the pair I came across. Johnny saw me looking at him, as this guy tried to hide them.

“Johnny, u do not have to be ashamed of skid marks in your panties. every boy gets them,” I said. “Even me.”

“Yeah, I know,” Johnny said, “but still. Plus, sometimes, well, my butt itches and I have to scratch my aperture. It feels indeed worthy and sometime…”

“Sometimes?” I asked.

“Well, sometimes my finger…”

“Yes?” I said, somewhat impatiently.

“Uhh, smells good,” Johnny finished. “PLEASE don’t tell anyone, Mr. Ryan, PLEASE!”

“Johnny, u can call me Jacob. We’re allies aren’t we?” I asked.

“Yeah, I hoped so,” he answered.

“Well, allies do not rat out friends,” I told. “Besides…”

“Besides?” Johnny said.

“Besides, I like to smell that too,” I replied. I could not make no doubt of the smile that lit up his face on hearing that.

“Really, Jacob, really?” Johnny said, with a grin.

“Really,” I told. “Would you like to play that way, today?” I asked him. “It might make u feel indeed good.”

“Yeah, i would love to,” Johnny replied, hopping up and down. I went over to the door and locked it. I knew the headmaster was off campus, and no one else was likely to come to the laundry room, so we’d have some time together.

I walked over to Johnny, who was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and most likely, brown stained underpants.

“Will u let me show you how to play?” I asked him, looking into his beautiful blue eyes.

“Please, Jacob,” he whispered. “Play with me.”

I gently brought my lips to his, to seal our agreement, and I found his lips anxiously awaiting mine. Our lips touched, a first for me and no doubt for him, too, but our lips touched each other familiarly, as though we were old paramours. We kissed for a hardly any minutes, our tongues tentatively touching. Johnny giggled, but crammed closer. I broke off our kiss, then said, “Do you trust me, Johnny?”

“Oh, yep Jacob, I do,” he told breathlessly. “I’ll do whatsoever you want.”

“Then turn around, Johnny,” I told. this chab obeyed, and I lifted up his t-shirt over his head and off him. this guy stood before me, his smooth nude back showing the remnants of his summer tan. I ran my fingers lightly over his hairless back, and that guy shivered with pleasure. this guy lifted up his arms again, mimicking his motion when i would removed the shirt, and my fingers danced around his front, caressing his thin chest and flat belly. His little nipples were erect, and that guy giggled afresh when I touched them. They felt good below my index fingers, so I strummed ’em a not many times. Johnny looked over his shoulder at me, and whispered, “Jacob, that feels SO admirable. It makes me tingle down here.”

His hand grasped at his crotch, and I could see that guy was alternately squeezing and relaxing his rod. My hand slipped down over his, and I said, “Like this, Johnny?”

He sighed, and said, “Yeah, that feels indeed nice. Please touch me some more, okay?” My hands went to his thong buckle. I unbuckled it, then unbuttoned the top button of his jeans, lazily pulling down his zipper. I could feel his 12 year old rod tenting out his whities, and brushed up against the sensitive head of his 10-pounder. Johnny shuddered, and gasped, “Don’t stop, please keep touching me there! Rub me.” I slipped my hand inside the top of his underpants, and I could feel the velvety head of his pecker. It felt like his lad wang was about 5 inches long, though I was hardly any judge.

I rubbed my index finger around on the shlong head, and I could feel wetness. Either this chab was generating pre-cum, or had peed himself a little. It was hard to tell which, given his age. that guy had completely no hair at all at the base of his ramrod or on his balls, and I discovered this very exciting. “Do you still trust me, Johnny?” I said. “Is it ok to go on?”

“Oh, gosh, it feels precious each place you touch me. Yeah, do it, Jacob!” I finished pulling down his jeans until they lay on the floor around his ankles, and stepped back, looking at him. His underpants were a little tight on him, common in a growing boy, and his a-hole cheeks were tightly outlined by the cotton fabric. His gazoo cheeks were perfectly round, and looked positively adorable to me. The only flaw was the set of vertical brown streaks that I could watch showing throughout from the inside of his underpants.

I cupped his round, smooth cheeks in my hands, and Johnny backed up to feel my hands closer on him. I put my hands gently on his boyish hips, and slowly eased down the waistband of his underpants. The tops of his hairless, white a-hole globes were revealed to me, the tan line very clear, along with the darksome cleft betwixt them. As I eased the fabric down, more and greater amount of his face hole watering arse was unveiled, until Johnny’s underpants were turned inside out, and sat just under his ass cheeks on his thighs.

I brought my face to his underpants, and took a slow, steady full whiff of his aroma. Intoxicating, heady, his shit stains were ravishing to me. I pulled the fabric out toward my mouth, so that I could take up with the tongue his shit, and this time I could smack Johnny’s essence. Sweet, bitter, musky; I thought that I’d shoot on the spot. I sucked on his underpants for a little while, then eased ’em down, and this chab stepped out of his jeans and underpants. I gazed at his charming youthful boy’s body, then, and was overcome with a longing I’d never felt previous to. everything about him appeared to be perfection.

I put my hands on the globes of his pleasant youthful ass, then sluggishly pulled them apart to disclose what lay between. As nice-looking as he had looked before, the view betwixt his booty cheeks was perfection. A tiny, pink puckered hole, nestled between these warm white cheeks, accompanied by a thin brownish glaze over the flesh of his cleft. Apparently, no one had ever bothered to explain to Johnny how to wipe thoroughly, and that had been the source of his constant skid marks.

“Johnny, i am going to take care of you back here, then i am going to show you how to clean yourself, `kay?” I asked.

“Unnh,” he told. “It feels so nice, u touching me,” Johnny whispered. “You can do everything you want to, Jacob.”

I brought my face, then, to the moist hawt valley between his cheeks. The fragrance of his hawt aperture was like that from his underpants, merely ten times better. I couldn’t acquire sufficiently of him, and kept getting closer until my nose was rubbing against his hot, juicy skin. It was a natural enough movement for my tongue to flick out against the chocolate stained parts of his ass, where his guy shit had been incompletely removed by his previous tour to the throne-room. I began lapping him there, loving the smack of this hot boy’s rear end in my face. I wormed my tongue all around until I came to his perfect, puckered anus.

I stiffened my tongue and, pressing it into the center of his 16 year old anus, sunk my tongue as far up inside his constricted rectum as I could. I could hear Johnny groan far away above me, as his body jerked from the fun of feeling my moist tongue fucking his wazoo. As my tongue retrieved little flecks of his shit, fresh from his hot rectum, one of my hands went around his hip, to gently clutch his penis, which was fully erect, and jerking slightly. I slowly stroked his velvety jock skin with the tips of my fingers. My other hand went betwixt Johnny’s legs, to lightly hold his ball sack in my hand, and I kneaded it gently while jacking off his cock, and licking his wazoo hole.

I could feel Johnny’s hips moving around as his climax approached. I sped up my stroking, and in a short time his young ramrod was jerking as his cum overwhelmed him. My uncertainty as to what I had felt on the tip of his knob was answered, as his creamy hawt cum boiled out of the end of his dick, and ran all into my hand, which was cupped there to catch it. I had remembered how good it could taste. I swallowed him with gusto, and knew there would be more soon.

Meeting Johnny, part 2

Johnny’s cum was hot, and much thicker than I expected for a boy so young. At 12, this chab was producing a pearlescent, white, sticky cum. It had the faint bleach odor of an older man’s ejaculation, as I recalled from smelling and tasting my own. I was grateful for the quantity and richness of his semen, and I wondered how much the presence of my tongue up inside his butt had caused the quantity to be greater than it might have been otherwise. One thing was for sure – it tasted as good as anything i’d ever tasted, save perhaps the little particles of shit lining his colon that i’d scraped off with my tongue.

Johnny was a 12 year old student at the boys school for which I was assistant head dom. Johnny and I had maneuvered ourselves into being alone in the laundry room, where we’d discovered each other’s interest in smelling (and now tasting) shit. I had just graduated college a little while previously, and I was well aware of the dangers of a relationship with this chap. I had never had sex with a male before, but I was quickly learning what part could go into which opening!

I was discovering that Johnny’s slight build, wildly tousled dark blonde hair, gorgeous face, blue eyes and lightly freckled cheeks had all combined to enchant me, as did his diffident nature. I had just touched his perfect, circumcised 5″ dong. It was my first time touching one more male’s dick, and I imagine it was the first time a fellow had touched Johnny there so intimately. I hoped it wouldn’t be the last, at least for me. whilst his body, other than his head, was absolutely hairless, with not a hair to mar his flawless wang and balls, backdoor and chest, he had proved that this guy could shoot his wad just like a man.

I was so hot for anything that this cute young guy could give me, that I threw all caution to the winds. I whispered in his bewitching ear, and he slowly nodded his head in subservient compliance with my request. I then lay back on the floor, with Johnny’s skinny naked legs straddling my body. As he was already facing my feet, this guy only backed up, like a car maneuvering into a parking space, until his arse was at my face level. this guy then squatted down over me, and I gazed in longing as his pale white bottom opened up, like a flower opening its petals, to reveal one time again, his perfect pink rosebud, now mere inches above my waiting mouth.

He braced himself with his hands on my arms, which gave him stability, but had the effect of totally pinning me in place. no thing happened for a brief period, then, slowly, I saw his little rosebud of chap pleasure opening slightly, the puckered muscle normally holding it closed, loosening. Shortly, I saw a small circle of brown appear in the center of the rosebud, then grow larger, as Johnny’s intestinal walls expelled the feces within, destined to shortly be mine. The rich, creamy brown essence, a summary of Johnny’s new dining history if you will, squeezed out of Johnny’s taut young ass hole, growing longer and longer. Its holding together testified to its texture, which was a little greater amount solid than a chocolate pudding, but not so solid as fudge.

A piece about 4 inches lengthy then broke off, perhaps pinched by an involuntary anal muscle flinching, and the weighty piece of lad crap fell, with half of it depositing directly in my mouth, the other half on my lower lip. At my 1st smack of this great quantity of Johnny’s waste, so unlike the little pieces I had experienced before, I felt overwhelmed by the aroma, and the taste and the texture. I didn’t find it offensive at all, but incredibly sexually stimulating. My penis was fiercely bulging out the front of my pants, and I hoped Johnny might see and do smth about it. I couldn’t tell him to, because I was busy chewing on his flavorful guy crap, and inhaling its captivating aroma.

Johnny did not stop at that one piece, either. Apparently this chab had been due to go, ‘coz I was quickly deluged by three greater amount pieces of equal size. They were all glorious, and I wished that I could take my time and consume ’em at my leisure. But, I rushed as quickly as I could, not fully chewing these morsels of fun this chap was giving me, until a small whisper of wind from his backdoor signaled that that guy was finished. this chab not fast rose up, and, turning around, looked at me curiously, as though this guy had no idea what he might find.

His freckled face broke out in a wide grin, however, when this guy got a good look at me. “You look like u were in an explosion in a chocolate factory!” this guy exclaimed. “You do not smell like it, though.’ he wrinkled his nose prettily, and I don’t think i’ve ever seen anything cuter. I raised myself up, then, and stood face to face with him, gazing into his sweet blue eyes. I lazily brought my brown covered lips to his, and to my surprise, and delight, this chab had his throat open to greet me. When my feces stained tongue slid into his mouth, his tongue wrestled it, as though trying to take back the waste i would consumed.

I slid a big chunk of his crap, that had been nestling in the back of my mouth, into his mouth, and this chab received it gratefully. I could feel him chewing it slowly as we kissed. As we continued our passionate throat play, I slid my hands down to my pants, and unbuckled my pants, to slide to the floor. I felt Johnny’s hands helping me, and I could feel him tugging my boxers down too. I wasn’t surprised to feel Johnny’s in nature’s garb penis rising again in passion, and bumping up against my own. His hands, the one and the other together, surrounded my hard and erect dick, like a youthful chap trying to receive a firm grip on a baseball bat.

My hands caressed his still juicy schlong and scrotum, but soon moved around his waist to his smooth round booty cheeks, with which I was quickly falling in love. As my fingers touched his ribald gazoo hole, this chab sighed and melted in my arms. “Touch me there, I like to feel you there.” As that guy said those words of love, his fingers flexed around my 8 inch cock. His meaning was clear. I took my hand reluctantly off his nice-looking a-hole cheeks, and put ’em on his shoulders, turning him around, facing away from me, so that my dong was nestled between his booty cheeks, the one and the other of us standing. Johnny was leaning forward slightly, bracing himself against one of the waist high washing machines.

I nuzzled his swan-like neck with my lips, as my hands maneuvered my penis into his rosebud of an dark hole. I knew that this guy had plenty of lubricant in his rectum to allow me entry, and there was certainly room, since this chab had evacuated his bowels into my ready and eager throat. I merely had to be careful that I did not stretch him too far, likewise fast. I didn’t want to hurt this marvelous youthful boy, merely bring him the fun of man-boy love.

As the head of my penis shoved up against his constricted hole, I discovered the resistance lessening, as this guy consciously loosened up his anal ring, while pushing his soft booty cheeks up against me. As my 10-pounder permeated his deliciously constricted opening, this chab sighed. I hope it was from pleasure, and as he continued to coo, I knew that was exactly the sensation this chab was feeling. that guy continued to push, as did I, until I was fully buried inside his hot rectum, his wazoo firmly thrilling me.

We both, then, started the ancient dance of fucking, with me thrusting forward and pulling back, and he contradicting those movements, and additionally rotating his thighs for added sensation for one as well as the other of us. Johnny was a natural born anal fucker, and I hoped that this chab and I would have other occasions to train each other fresh lessons. We fucked, faster and faster, my dick moving in and out of his taut rear end, that guy moving around and up and down to increase his interior rectal sensations. We the one and the other began panting, both from the exertion and the wildly building excitement in our bodies. My right hand wrapped itself around his hip, to search out his erect penis, and I began stroking his youthful cock, touching my fingertip to his wet pisshole, to feel his pre-cum dripping out. My left hand went up to his young, petite nipples, which were just as erect, and just as hairless, as his cock.

“God, fuck me Jacob, your penis feels so good inside me! Use my a-hole anyway you want, fuck me forever, rod me, cum in me!” Johnny grunted out.

Equally wild, I gasped, “You hawt adorable boy, I desire to fuck your tight, hot hole. I wish to eat your shit, I want to eat your cum, I desire to be inside you!” Soon, we were both thrusting out of control, and my penis was spurting what felt like the largest load I had ever produced, up inside the hot, wet depths of Johnny’s agreeable gazoo. That was the most thrilling moment I have ever felt with anyone, chap or woman, just being inside my boy love’s bottom. We not fast wound down from our vehement rear embrace, and I thought we were done, but it was not to be.

As my ramrod not fast slipped from Johnny’s hole, this chab turned around and looked in my eyes. “That was wonderful, Jacob. I love u so much.” he slipped his arms around me, and his face against my chest. We stood like that a little while, then Johnny slid down to his knees in front of me, with his face right in front of my drooping dick, which was stained with the crap lubricant from Johnny`s bowels. this guy lifted up my rapidly recovering cock with one hand, and brought his throat to the brown stained head of my cock, his tongue gently flicking out to taste it.

As this guy appeared to resolve that this guy liked the smack of his own shit, that guy took more and greater quantity of my dong into his mouth. At first this guy was literally giving me a tongue bath, his intention being to recover all the fecal matter off my dick, all that I had removed from his bowels. But then, this chab shifted over to consciously trying to stimulate my shlong to shoot one more load, this time in his throat. he was very worthwhile at hitting my sensitive spots, and when one of his hands discovered my ass, and began caressing my sensitive arsehole too, my pleasure level rose immensely.

I quickly came to a climax, and, holding his head in place, though that guy made no attempt to move, I shot another load of my cum, this time in his equally warm, but wetter mouth. this chab swallowed, and I could watch him looking up at me to see if I were glad. I was, and lifted him up to kiss his sweet lips, which were now flecked with his shit and my cum. It was my turn to use my tongue to clean him, and I did, gratefully and thoroughly.

It was then his turn to whisper in my ear. I whispered back, “Are you sure?” The speed and intensity of his affirmative response made it clear to me how much this guy wanted it. We switched our original positions, with him laying on the floor, facing up, and me squatting over his mouth. I slowly relaxed my anal muscles to let one diminutive piece of my waste slip out, and into Johnny’s awaiting face hole. I gave him time, in case that guy changed his mind, or did not like the taste, or whatever, but I only heard him say, through the feces this chab was happily chewing, “C’mon, give me greater quantity. I desire greater amount of your shit, Jacob. I love the taste of your shit. And when i’m through eating your shit, i am going to fuck your booty with my tongue!”

I was just as insane to give him what he wanted, as that guy was to acquire it. I felt my bowel movement slipping down through my hole, and could feel as pieces broke off, some to land in Johnny’s mad mouth, some to fall on his face or around his head. I couldn’t believe this hawt juvenile boy was eating my crap, and enjoying each minute of it! too pretty soon for the one and the other of us, I was finished with using this 12 year old as my latrine. I raised up, turned around, then lay next to my pleasant lover, with our heads joined together, our lips locked in a vehement lovers’ kiss. We shared our experiences through each other’s mouth, and I wondered if we would ever do anything like this again.

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