Oliver Youngblood stood in the spacious white-and-blue tiled shower breathing in deeply as the water cascaded down his body. this chab straightened his body standing at 5 feet 8 inches. Not a bad height, he supposed. His piercing ice-blue eyes darted across the plain baths and stopped at the mirror. A young chap of nineteen stared back at him. that guy scrutinized the youthful man’s darksome blond hair, slender build, and medium-large frame. “Keepin’ it sexy.” he thought. he flexed a moment, eyes sliding down further and pausing at his enlarging member. A real lady-killer, he’d been told numerous times, but his interests did not lie with wench gals in nothing but a tight, revealing bikini. Nope, definitely not for him. For as lengthy as this chab could remember Oliver had always preferred men, not that this chab would have openly admitted it, but that guy could not aid but to have snuck looks in the change rooms back in high school. It had started off as strange, but over time this chab knew that was what he actually wanted. He’d fooled many a person into believing this chab was all about the honeys.

Giving his attention back to the water, that guy lathered up and rubbed his body slowly. This was always his morning ritual; a nice sexy shower in the morning to wake him up. Oliver lathered his chest and smoothed greater quantity soap over his six pack abs, his pride and pleasure after only 3 months of working out. that guy bent over and started to lazily scrub his legs, moving farther up until this guy reached his tight globes. moaning softly, that guy slipped a finger inside. Rotating and pushing it a little further inside this guy gasped, drawing it out for some other gasp. this guy loved the feelings that guy got from doing that. he always imagined a scarcely any of his favourite porn stars behind him, bending him over and working his arse. he iterated the motion a few greater amount times plunging deeper with each gasp for air.

Oliver looked down as his now stiff member and chuckled. That always worked. he began to jerk off his balls, soaping them up along with the rest of his crotch area. Moving his hand up to the shaft, he began to groan as this chab slid his finger across his piddle cookie. this chab shivered as the effects crept up his body. With his other hand Oliver shuffled the head in the palm of his hand back and forth, squeezing once in a whilst as this chab stroked. he growled lowly and began to move his hips back and forth. he was close. really close.

groaning loudly now, Oliver bucked his thighs into his hand. he was squeezing constricted as this chab drew his rock hard dick out and letting it glide right back in to his closed fist. he bent his knees slightly, throwing his head back in ecstasy. Five ropes of hot dude seed flew across the shower and hit the wall. “Bull’s-eye!” this guy commented, laughing as that guy watched it slide down the tiles. this chab looked down at the pearl of cum that had formed on his schlong head onto his hand, “and now for the test.” that guy scooped it up onto a finger and let the gooey substance drop onto his tongue. pleasing. As always.

Oliver turned the head and washed the remnants of his semen off the side of the shower. Placing it back this guy turned the tap and cascading blitz was no greater amount. this guy got out, grabbed a towel and proceeded to his room.


“Yeah! that’s right, u run away you little fag!”

Helix gripped onto the back of moving truck for dear life. Figures he’d be chased out of yet another school ‘coz of his large face hole. Usually it had been once people caught on to his little “secret” of sorts. At this point this guy really didn’t give a shit. He’d probably just get yelled at and grounded for another month, not that his parents really cared. They were also busy with their silly parties and whatnot, and not to mention flying off to different parts of the country during the time that leaving him alone with Jessys the family butler.

that guy trudged on in the frigid January air towards his abode. It had not at any time felt like a home to him, yet for some reaso this chab always wound up back there. Helix began contemplating his age-old thought. Running away. this guy could always run and stay at various places, until his savings ran out, then he’d acquire a job and live in a cheap apartment where that guy could do whatsoever the fuck that guy wanted to do. this chab grinned at this though of freedom and opened the gate to the colossal manor that lay previous to him.

“Home so early, sir?” queried the gray haired man, his face adorned with many wrinkles that gave him a friendly, yet very proper demeanour. he was at least 6 feet tall, and wore a black suit, complete with a bow-tie and matching shoes.

“Afternoon Jessys… I, um, wasn’t feeling likewise well at school so I came home.” that guy replied, trying to sound sickly and weak.

Jessys smiled and cleared his throat, “Ah, well. The juvenile dom need not worry,” that guy said winking, “what could a pompous old man like me know? Heh, I’ll not tell your parents this time, but I can not keep coming up with those excuses, u know!”

Helix sighed happily and waved his hand in the air, his silent thank you, as he kept walking. At least somebody gave him a break this day. that is greater quantity than this guy could say for these jerks at school. It was even worse that not even the Principal had believed him. this chab entered the estate’s coveted mansion, gazing around the lightly lit parlour decorated with many portraits and cabinets full of expensive looking dinnerware. Walking towards the back of the parlour that guy stared at the portraits of his ancestors who were lengthy past dead and gone. this guy stopped, poking his head inside the library. he always had loved the charming, cozy feel of that room. And books. Helix totally loved books. Some days he’d spend from the time this guy got up until this guy went to daybed just reading books in the very well-equipped library. From Charles Dickens, to Shakespeare, to Emily Bronte, he simply could not get enough of those tales.

Creeping up the ruby-coloured rug stairs, this guy sped down the lengthy corridor to his room. It was at times like this that Helix was happy that home, if you could call it that, was regularly devoid of all signs of life. that guy slipped into his room and sat on his daybed. “What a lengthy wazoo day!” that guy thought. First he’d fallen asleep in mathematics, and then that guy had his lunch stolen by those jerks. Of course this chab wouldn’t let ’em take it easily, so he’d gone and faced ’em in the parking lot after school. He’d easily managed to outsmart ’em with his witty remarks and sharp tongue, but as always, they’d had the upper hand when things got physical. Luckily, he’d merely been shoved a small in number times, and thankfully, no thing bruised or broken this time.

this guy was used to that though. It was always the norm at new schools. everyone picks on the new kid. The thing that bothered him almost any was the fact that these blockheads had managed to figure out his little secret. he could not imagine how. this guy at no time talked to anyone. this chab just sat down and did his work, and when the bell rang he’d just receive up and leave. “Although…,” Helix blushed and rolled over his face in his pillow. “It could have been the fact that they saw u oogling the quarterback in gym, dumbass.” that guy commented to himself, mentally. And how could he not!? Zach had to be at least 5’11”, with short brown hair, charming chocolate brown eyes, and abs. TOTAL chick. Helix supposed that it was about time the other kids discovered out. This had been the longest time he’d played str8 yet. A entire 2 and a half months. that guy sat up as this guy visualised Monday’s homeroom and shook his head. “I’m sure that everybody would give me that look.” The look that made him feel like that guy had some kind of contagious disease and had to stay as far away as possible. “May as well just come out with it… again.” that guy muttered, laying back and staring at the ceiling.

Chapter two
Oliver took some other drag of his cigarette, and let out a lengthy breath. that guy looked over the terrace, and looked to the horizon. The azure water shimmered like crystal in the glow of the sunlight. The manila sand stretched out for miles. that guy couldn’t help but notice the gaudy umbrellas and towels that lined the surface of the beach.

“Damn tourists…” that guy muttered, “Always got to be flocking to the beach so goddamn early in the morning.”

that guy pulled the final of the smoke into his lungs and let it out slowly, crushing the cigarette gazoo with the heel of his sneaker. Life had become so mundane since this guy graduated school. this guy was nineteen and he wanted to watch the world, but no, this chab was stuck here on this damned island. Oliver sighed, and walked back into the abode seeking refuge in his room.

A voice called out from the kitchen, “Oliver, I do hope u plan to do smth today, love. you can not be sitting in the abode day in and day out. it is not healthy.”

this chab rolled his eyes. Mum. She’d reminded him of that each day this week, along with a plethora of other things to do. this guy was not sure if this babe did it to annoy him or to motivate him. Either option appeared to be to make sense at this point.

“Yea, Yea, Mum, I know. I already said you i am goin’ out this day with Serah. Remember?”

“Honey, you did. But I still do not watch u moving! you can not keep a angel waiting, it looks bad on you if u do.” this babe winked, “And do not just jump on your daybed like that. i’ve said you how many times?”

Oliver smirked, “Only 47 times since last week, 50 counting the times u were thinking it. And besides, Serah did not give me an exact time. Loophole, duh.”

this babe sat down and mock punched his arm, “Smart-ass. you better be careful or one of those days, she’s going to show u your place.”

that babe looked into his eyes. Ice blue. Just like his father’s. every time Kurt looked into her son’s eyes that babe could see the reflection of her husband. Oliver had all the flare and pep that Samuel had. It was times like this that this babe wished this chab would have stuck around longer. He’d have liked to watch how stylish and, much to her dismay, daring Oliver had become.

Oliver stood up and walked to the window. “Yea, she craves this babe could take me.” this chab turned around and flashed a smile. By the absent look on her face this chab could tell that his mother was in one of these moods. It had been nearly 15 years since his father had walked out on them and not quite 10 since he’d died at sea.

“There are things you do as the one and the other a guy and a sailor, my chap. Sometimes those things just don’t make sense.”

That was his father’s favorite line to discharge out when he was asked about why that guy chose to do it. Not that Oliver exactly remembered what talking with him was like. this guy did not like how his Mum idolized the man, nearly making it appear to be like that guy was the most excellent thing that ever happened to her. How could this chab be? He’d up and left out of a word. Nonetheless, for those five years he’d been gone, his father still had made sure to send a check every hardly any months to keep them afloat.

that guy shook his head, driving the memories out. this guy didn’t want to think of the old fellow at a time like this. he had a date to go on. And this chab was not going to let him ruin the occasion.

“Anyways, Mum, i’m off now. You’ll be okay, yeah?” this guy asked, leaning against the door.

that babe smiled faintly. “Of course, honey. have a fun yourself. do not stay out likewise late, and if u do, call me.”

Oliver was half way down the steps when this chab hollered back, “Will do!”

Kurt stood on the porch watching her son walk off towards the city and sighed; not coz that babe was worried, but coz this babe was relieved. Relieved and relishing the fact that, thankfully, Oliver had mustered up the courage to ask this cutie out. this chab needed the distraction as much as this babe did. The anniversary of Samuel’s death always hung around, like a low thunder cloud, charging the air with tension.

she walked back into the house and sat on the daybed. she bit her lip as this babe looked at the picture on the wall. Samuel. during the time that this chab wasn’t much of a spouse or a father, at one point, this chab was a great guy. Oliver reminded her of him every day. Tough, quiet, and like an onion; you had to peel back the layers until u discovered the raw, real vegetable.

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