Bare Fuck Party

Al’s pool party was a great success, as ordinary. A wild orgy was in full swing.
On a chaise lounge off to the side 2 chaps were fucking up a storm. A redhead laying down had his legs spread during the time that a pretty dark haired guy was sitting on him, bouncing his butt up and down on his thick shlong. Occasionally he’d bow over and they’d kiss. That position gave the third boy a golden-haired kneel- ing on the deck plenty of opportunity to play around. that guy was fondling the redhead’s balls and stroking his cock…even licking his prick as it stroked in and out of the hungry asshole sliding along the plump shaft. this chab obviously loved the taste and smell of it, ‘coz several times this boy snapped the cock out, sucked on it, then stuck it back up the gaping asshole!
The top chap had a knob long enough that the redhead was able to lean over and engulf on it. this boy was able to blow and screw the guy at the same time. That horny them one as well as the other even more and soon that boy was blasting a thick load into the amber haired guy’s mouth.
After getting it all, the redhead threw his head back and gulped the sex ball batter down as this lad discharged a hoseful of cum up the other fellow’s a-hole.
When the black haired chap hopped off, the golden-haired went down on the redhead’s big prick and cleaned if off. that guy lapped up the cum and assjuices and carefully sucked on the particularly- grungy dong. Apparently it wasn’t as sensitive as you’d expect, because the redhead allowed him to suck on it all this guy wanted… in fact, it at no time went soft. No wonder, then, that the blonde was pretty soon straddled over it, stuffing it up his own dark hole.
Like a carnival ride, the redhead proceeded to drub the next sexually lascivious rider. this chap couldn’t reach close sufficiently to suck it, but this chap jacked it until the blond took over and jerked a big load over his face and into his open mouth. This time the redhead did not come up his a-hole. Instead, that guy licked the cum off his lips during the time that that chap forced the guy’s head down to clean his slimy prick one more time.
The blonde was not in any need of persuasion, however. He shamelessly lapped up his own assjuices and shit streaks and blew the marvelous redhead to one greater amount thunderous large o.
Activities were taking place all over.
Near the bushes were 2 of the youngest guys. One was crouched down giving the other a orall-service.
“Yeah, William, engulf that muther. Isn’t this great?”
William looked up. “Sure greater amount astonishing than when my mommy caught us!”
one more cute juvenile golden-haired noticed a stripped chap sitting on a 4 ft. garden wall staring at him. this chab wondered why this chab hadn’t seen the fellow before, that guy was not the type this guy would have missed. And when the guy came toward him, his heart started pumping faster.
“Hi. you wanna make it with me,” the guy asked seductively.
“Great. Uh, stick your tongue out for a second, willya. As far as u can. excellent. Why don’t you lay down on that mat over there.”
The golden-haired did, awaiting to sixty-nine. this guy was wrong, but not disappointed.
“Okay,” the lad said, squatting over his face, “I desire to feel u lick my backdoor first.”
The blonde was not adverse to doing that with the chap at all. So when that nice-looking a-hole came down and that unshaved crack split apart, that chap was willing. Then that guy started having some misgivings when this guy smelled it. By then it was firmly pressed against his throat. He’d licked dirtier ones on uncommon occasions, but this boy was rather surprised that a boy would come to a party unwashed…especially jumping into an orgy like that.
“Ah, yeah, do it. That tongue reals righteous, chap. Lick that fucker. Oooh, take up with the tongue it all over. that is great. Ah. Now ram your tongue up there and take up with the tongue it out. Oh yes! that’s wild. Clean that fucker out for me, chap. Wash it out!”
The kid put his mouth and tongue to work, engulfing the hairy asshole and sloshing the insides out. Maybe it was not so fresh. Maybe it was downright raunchy. But it turned him on hearing how it was turning the lad on, and that guy hoped it might make the stud want to acquire drilled. Otherwise, that chap was greater quantity than ready to throw his own legs in the air.
Suddenly, the boy climbed off.
“Thanks, dude, that was trippy. u truly dug that stinky shithole, did not u? Well, see you around.”
“What? Hey, where you going? What gives?”
The lad knelt down and whispered. “Sorry, pal. i’m not a faggot. I was checking things out throughout a crack in the fence and wanted to watch if a queer would eat my messy arse. Hey, no offense, it felt great, but I got to split previous to they catch me.”
“Wait. Nobody’s intend to care.”
“Well, I do not do it any more, but when I was younger I used to watch the owners and call them immodest names and yell out insults. They don’t desire to see me around here.”
“Damn! I wanted to eat you out some greater quantity and let u fuck me.”
“Even after the filthy trick I pulled? I knew my crack was grungy. that is what made it all the greater amount exciting.”
“Uh, for me too!” the blond blushed.
“Hmm. Say, if you crave to slip over the back fence, i have got a couple of buddies over there that could sure use taking care of. want to do some slutty straights guys? can not guarantee the state their bungholes might be in, but probably not any worse than mine. that is not a promise, though. One guy’s indeed good- looking but he’s a real slob.”
“Sounds neat. I did not mind licking your smelly hole because you’re hot, so I guess I wouldn’t mind licking his. Besides, a lad will go further than usual when this boy receives to do a straight chap. Can I come over naked?”
“Sure. I did. let’s go blow their minds. Then u can blow all three of us. Guess you’d greater amount nice eat our booties 1st so we don’t come also quick. I want to fuck you, they might want to try porking a dude up the ole turdhole, too. Come on!”
They casually walked to the back of the yard.
“Hold on a minute,” the chap stopped.
“What for?”
“Lemme check this out a second.”
Nearby a guy had one more boy-friend doubled over, kneeling there lapping away at the widen open asscrack, giving him a tongue baths. One of the guys nearby was watching with interest and definitely lustful.
“Yeah, eat ’em, Marty! Aw, fuck, that is just the kind of butt I love to bury my own face in. priceless tight butt cheeks and nasty line of fur up his crack. Looks palatable. I go nuts over butts like that when they’re hot and sweaty and actually stink after a hard day. Remember when they built the bank? Used to sneak in back and do construction workers. Six or seven of them used to amble on back and let me eat them out and blow them. I didn’t make no bones about it, either. I said them any way at all. I like ’em wet and stinky, and shit around the aperture wouldn’t bother me in the least. They believed me, and many times i would be back there with a big shitty gazoo being poked in my face while I happily lapped their crap off!”
“God, Charlie, u got to be blatant? We know you are a total pig, why broadcast it?”
“Turns me on. Besides, a lewd reputation sometimes gets surprising results. pair times guys have come up to me saying they’d always wanted to watch somebody eat them out when their assholes were filthy…would I be interested? Fuckin’ A I was!”
The stud snarled in a low hiss, “Now, that is the kind of faggot that gives the rest of u a bad rep.”
“Isn’t that the truth!” the blonde chuckled, then sarcastically added, “That’s why u are dragging me home to finish cleaning your immodest chocolate gap out.”
“Okay, ok. I guess it is just a matter of…heh, I don’t wanna say smack.
“You straight boyz are such hypocrites. Everything’s sick and perverted…until you are lustful. Then it is a different story. I suppose the pantyhose games over there need to indeed turn you off.”
that boy was referring to the two guys on the other side of the pool taking turns sticking the hose up each other buttholes then squirting the water out of their assholes whilst the guys in the pool laughed and opened their throats.
“Jezzus! I just hope they did not do that in the pool on the first pair of loads!”
“If they did, I missed it.”
“But u would not be surprised, would you? Heh. Actually, it looks like a lot of fun, but solely u queers would have the balls to really do smth like that.”
“Say, how much time have you spent peeking over the fence, anyway?”
“Lots. Alright, it turns me on. But don’t tell my buddies, okay? Come on.”
this chab had the blond expect in the kitchen. “Now, do not mind how I talk. u know, image and all…high school boys?” Then he winked and walked into the living room, coughing.
“Hey, Alexander, done peeking at the queers already?”
“Gives him a boner, I wager. Hey, how come you are fucking naked?!”
“Yeah, just cause that faggot shit turns you on, do not look at us!”
Alexander reached back and pulled the in nature’s garb blonde around the doorway.
“Men, I went shopping and brought us home a cocksucker. Troy told this chab was bored over there blowing a bunch of fags and would love to come over and service real men.”
They gaped in shock at the nude guy…and his half-hard cock hanging there.
“Jezzus! Are you serious?”
“I think that guy is lastly lost his marbles. What’re we supposed to do with him?”
“Nothing, mates. he is going to do it to us. All we got to do is lay back and them him take care of us. do not tell me you two horny bungholes are intend to turn down a oral job from a pro? And he likes engulfing assholes! Licked the shit off mine and tongued me out like a bowery madam. Ever had your shitholes licked, fellas? Ever felt a tongue up your rump giving u a roto- rooter? he is ready, just as in a short time as you take your panties off and bend over. Kneel on the edge of the ottoman and show him your smelly cracks. It’ll give him a boner and make his tongue flick in anticipation. Come on, u bawdy cleft wimps, we got a punk ready to let us use him. We can even fuck him up the booty. Hell, even after that he’ll still blow it during the time that the next cock’s poked up his hole!”
They quickly in nature’s garb and knelt in position. Surveying the two bare booties being shown off, Alexander voiced his own opinion on the dual sight of his best buddies’ hirsute butts.
“Dan’s looks bad enough, but that is just fucking gross! Oh, Christ, Denis, u oughta at no time widen your cheeks open in front of anybody that isn’t blind. that is repulsive! you ever wipe your ass?”
“Uh, sure. I think I did. What the hell’s wrong with my ass?”
“Nothing wrong with your hirsute a-hole moreover being as big as the caboose of a educate. it is all these greasy black curls down your crack and that huge crinkled ball of flesh in the middle that looks like a bunch of hemorrhoids in a circle with crap pockets. it is up to you, kid, you sucked mine. But that sure looks like it is plan to stink a whole lot worse!”
“A-actually,” Troy softly muttered, “it kinda turns me on. I sorta like it when they’re kinda unattractive and obscene-looking… and a little smelly. Guess i am weird.”
“Nope, just queer. Denis, clamp that reeking pit closed so it do not air out also much. Our guest loves them ripe, so save that horrendous aroma and see him tongue the fuck out of Dan’s rearend first.”
Dan chuckled and wiggled his arse. “Yeh! Always wanted a slave. Show me what it feels like when you fags engulf each other’s shitholes. Show me how u dig my taste and want I’d just taken a shit! Um, he ain’t going to split if I say something that hurts his feelings, is he?”
“Naw. I promised no rough stuff, but you can say what you want. he is a cocksucking fag that takes prick up the gazoo and licks shitty turdholes. u could not offend him unless u said he did a lousy job! Uh, u are admirable on the blowers, aren’t you, kid? We’re all jocks, so a lot of our brain matter ended up in our pants. We got enormous meat.”
“As long as I control it, i am good at taking boys down to the balls. I just cant handle anybody trying to fuck my throat like a cunt.”
“Your way, man, u are providing the service in this whorehouse,” Dan promised.
“Okay, Troy. They’re all yours.”
Troy wasted no time getting down behind Dan and poking his nose up there. this guy sniffed around Dan’s arsehole and rubbed his nose over it and up the crease of his cheeks. His tongue soon followed the trail and that guy began to lap the guy’s sticky crack all the way from top to bottom.”
“Mmm, that feels kinda neat,” Dan squirmed.
“He’s just taking in your gamey odor and licking the grease from between your butt cheeks. Wait’ll that guy starts to suck your hole. Yeah, there this chab goes. Suckin’ right on that naughty old doorway to your turd cabinet, wondering how in a short time it’ll spring open and do something wicked that nobody ever acquires to see cause it is so disgusting u do it in secret and even feel guilty if u look down and check it out yourself. Bullshit. I’ll wager u look your turds over every time, doncha, Dan? ‘Oooh, that is a good one. Aw, yesterday’s was larger and chunkier…a real beauty.”
“Shut up, Alexander. We don’t want to hear your own fantasies. Man, did my ramrod acquire hard fast. This is great, lemme enjoy it. What’s this chab…? AH! that guy is GOT HIS TONGUE UP MY HOLE! Unh huh, do that, man, pry it right open. Here, I’ll assist. acquire in there all the way. Oooh, eat me!”
“That’s wild!” Denis cried, his neck twisted for a good look, staring at Troy’s mouth work. “Never seen anybody actually engulf on an anal opening. Sounds real sick but it sure looks hot and obscene.”
“It will be sick when that guy sucks your unsightly crapper!” Alexander remarked snidely.
“Then you don’t have to watch,” Denis snapped back.
“Can’t resist, buddy. it is like passing an accident. Might be real gory but you cant take your eyes away. you are keeping your crack squeezed tight, aren’t you?”
“Yeah. But i am gettin’ a big boner expecting for my turn.”
“Why don’t you go ahead and switch, Troy. u can go back to Dan later. Hell, you can suck booty back and forth all day. I’m intend to have greater quantity of that, likewise. But if you wish Denis while he’s admirable and ripe, now’s the time.”
Troy gave Dan a big loud kiss on his asshole, then backed away. “Yeah, gimme the bawdy one! I do not wish to miss out on any of that hawt stink. Scoot up there, Denis, and let me nuzzle into your crack and sniff it a while.”
Troy scooted over on his knees and got betwixt Denis’s outstretched legs and grabbed his pale, fuzzy butt cheeks. Then he stuffed his nose into the crease and began lewdly sniffing up and down the str8 boy’s reeking buttcrack. It was wet and humid in there and the pungent odor was strong enough it might stink up the whole room when that guy pried it open. That would all depend on whether it was from the buildup in the confined space in which case he’d probably inhale it all himself or if it was being emitted from smth substantial like crusty shit around the boy’s rim or a creamy buildup caked in the wrinkles of his anal opening from recently taking a shit. Either way, Troy loved it. he always enjoyed a greater amount challenging cleanup chore that took a long time to accomplish, but Denis’s big asshole would be a delight to suck on even if it was not very filthy.
“God, how can that chap have a joy smelling that thing?” Dan cried. “I can smell it from here and this chab hasn’t even spread it yet.”
“Um, are you actually saying your shit doesn’t stink, Dan?” Alexander teased.
“No. I just do not keep a bunch smeared around my hole to advertise it!”
“Well, you notice whose butt the kid was almost all concerned to cram his face into, don’t you?”
“Yeah, but he is a queer.”
“Well, I guess that makes Denis’s keester queer bait!”
“You fuckers are just jealous cause anybody who knows how to appreciate it is on his knees getting lots of joy out of it. Either that or this chab is one sick puppy who likes to wallow in filth, because my wazoo is ribald and he is sure sniffing it like a dog in heat!”
“Damn, it stinks in there!” Troy gushed, backing off. “I could sniff you all day, Denis, but I can not wait to smack your crack and your asshairs and tongue the cheese out of your wrinkles!”
this guy grabbed Denis’s buns and yanked ’em wide open. A gush of rancid fumes came billowing out that would have been horrendous to not quite any people including Denis if his face had been this close but it was that very ‘boys room vulgarness’ that made it such an appealing perfume to Troy. No longer would he deny it…to himself or others. And definitely not at the moment with such an opportunity to indulge himself. that guy thumbed in to widen Denis’s rubbery anal opening open and studied it.
“Beautiful! bulky nubs, pink and brown and purple. It really does look like some kind of weird growth full of bubbling shitjuice willing to explode in your face gap like a balloon. And those are definitely streaks of recent shit inside where it’s bright pink. Nope, you did not wipe it very good, Denis. Naughty, nasty boy. I’ll check later, but I’ll bet you got a bunch of poop in the seat of your pants. u are just lucky I showed up when I did, boyfrend. acquire up close, u guys, and watch your hairy-assed buddy get the shit licked from between his cheeks and his steaming rectum tongued out by a queer who can’t live without dirty assholes cuz the smell makes his knob so hard that lad craves to lick the shit off and suck greater quantity out of the hole!”
Troy took a deep breath, realizing this chab was so intoxicated and overamped this chab was blathering. in advance of this boy started trying to outrage them with greater amount unnecessary smut, this guy quickly undertook his primary mission. Let ’em fend for themselves. this chab had a gorgeously grotesque banquet previous to him and this guy started to lick it. As this chab had with Dan, but with a higher degree of passion, he laved the deep, greasy gutter above and below Denis’s ring. His tongue dragged up the crease, flicking around the sides, tasting every subtle change in the crude mixture of tantalizing flavors. fresh sweat, old juices leaking from the pores, fresh shit and some tidbits that may have been a month old, lint from his skid-marked underwear, and sticky little foreign objects that clung to his asshairs. After lapping the moist crevices on each side of Denis’s hanging balls, and over the back of his nuts, Troy growled and attacked the large juicy hole itself and put his perverted exhibition into full gear.
Dan and Alexander watched intently as Troy shamelessly cleaned the perimeter of Denis’s shitty asshole, nibbled the bulbous pouch of purple nodules that made up his pooch, then pried the center of attraction open once greater amount and salaciously cleaned it out with slow, fluttering twists and probes of his born-to-the- butt unbending tongue. No question about it. Dan and Alexander clearly saw the streaks of shit being slupped off and slurped out by Troy’s determined licker and drawn into his mouth to be tasted and consumed. It was the dirtiest thing they’d ever seen a guy do. Though unquestionably the little queer’s throat was full of Denis’s shit flavor, the kid continued to drag as much as possible from that stinking pit by thrusting his tongue up the jock’s rearend as deeply as this lad could and rapidly tongue-fucking it like a lizard on speed. Up the hole, into his throat. Coat his tongue, smack what this chab found. Thrust and parry. He’d shove in and lick around in a circle, trying to reach every available pocket that might have some mush hding. Then that boy glued his mouth over the opening and sucked Denis’s shithole just ‘cuz it was so big and fleshy and nothing in the world was more exciting than sucking some other guy’s asshole! Clean or dirty, shitholes were meant to be nursed by Troy’s obsessive, loving lips.
Denis, meanwhile, was in constant awe. this guy was panting and stroking his throbbing, dripping cock, lost in the stratosphere of calm turbulation having a guy doing betwixt his cheeks what no one should ever do and what he’d at no time imagined anyone would do! But someone could do that sick thing to him five times a day and all Sunday! If that boy had the fucking money, he’d buy himself a queer and give him a cot next to the toilet!
“How’s it going, Denis?” Alexander finally blinked from his trance.
“Wunnerful!” Denis muttered breathlessly.
“Kid lapped the shit out of ya! Dug right in and wiped it up with his tongue and ate the streaks and chunks. It ain’t filthy no more, pal. u just had your keester reamed out by a fruit that thinks your crap is fruity and delicious!”
“He’s wunnerful! i am gonna….ahh…”
Monitoring things subconsciously, Troy was quick as a flash and willing. this guy ducked down and snapped Denis’s chubby ramrod and wrapped his throat over the guy’s pulsing 10-pounder just in time to catch the first deluge of boiling sex ball cream shooting from the pisshole. Several jumbo eruptions followed in quick succession as Denis bellowed and shoved his ramrod back between his legs so Troy could receive greater amount of into his face hole. Troy obliged, working his face hole up the shaft, trying to give Denis as complete a blowjob as he was able in that position, and gulping the copious jism down his face hole.
“I’d say that chap has a quick trigger, but who could take that treatment for long?”
“Sorta figured the kid would blow first,” Alexander remarked, “when that 1st tang of shit hit his tastebuds. Look at the fucking puddle of precum down there. His prick’s been leaking like a faucet the whole time. Now that is passion. Practic- ally a decent load and it’s not even real sex cream. Well, I say let’s fuck him up the wazoo. Ole Denis’s bunghole is gaping open so much we could probably fuck ’em both, Dan. One thing’s certain. Whoever fucks Denis won’t be getting any shit on his dick!”
“Funny,” Denis scowled as that chap turned and sat on the couch, throwing his head back.
Troy fondled his hips and scooched in to not fast lap Denis’s balls in a little gesture of gratitude. Then he got up and stretched, rubbing his sore knees now that that guy was once again aware of the world beyond Denis’s valley of delight. He got a leering gleam in his eyes and lewdly licked his lips.
“That, u ignorant, pussy-whipped cretens, was yummy! Then again, if it wasn’t for straight guys a poor queen like me would at no time discover a admirable stinky a-hole to wash out. I just wish one of you had the balls to blow me. Damn, my cock’s hard. Any takers?”
“He’s going into one more fantasy state, Dan,” Alexander smirked. “Unless u wanna take him on. I would not tell.”
“Like hell you wouldn’t!” Dan blurted. “Not that I wish to, but I can watch why a queer would. he is got a piece of meat as good as everything we have got.”
“Thanks, fellas, but ‘if u were a queer’ doesn’t assist me much right now. I need what they call a dude. you know, somebody fearless that knows the joy of going to his knees and worshipping some other fellow out of shame. there is a entire bunch of ’em next door, but I guess I’ll bow over instead and treat me to some primitive male aggression so you can stay on top of things, so to speak.” this guy grinned, enjoying the good-natured teasing.
“In faggolese, Dan, that means that guy craves fucked up the butt!” Alexander snorted.
“Why do not I lay on the floor and Alexander can fuck me while you sit on my face and I acquire back to that rimjob I never finished, Dan? Then u can fuck me or I’ll blow you.”
“Okay, but take it slow and easy on me. That shit’s fantastic and you’ll make me discharge a load too pretty soon. Guess I just have an over-sensitive arsehole or something.”
“Great! i’m willing to fuck anything right now!” Alexander cried, fisting his rod.
Troy layed down and pulled his knees back. “Anything like this do?” this guy asked, pulsing his rectal hole in and out in blatant invitation.
“Well, I not ever turn down a twitching aperture with hair around it,” this guy said, kneeling down. “Except chaps with moustaches, maybe.”
When Troy pouted, asking, “Aren’t you intend to kiss it a little first, baby?” Alexander wiped his sticky head over Troy’s asshole and drove about 3 inches up his butt! Troy grimaced, reminding him to take it facile at first…that wasn’t a vagina this boy was plowing.
Alexander winked devilishly. “Then do not give me any greater amount sass, cocksucker.” that chap slowed his entry during the time that Troy pulled Dan’s butt down to his face and started licking it.
Troy relaxed quickly and Alexander began screwing him faster, steadily increasing his strokes until his entire prick was stuffed up the boy’s rectum and the fucking bell began to ring all clear. Getting onto his toes, this chap pretty pretty soon had Troy’s legs wrapped around his back as this chab plowed downward into Troy’s warm, clutching depths. Alexander loved the position ‘coz he wanted to slam the kid. that guy wanted to fuck the little queer’s ass off the pont of time this boy realized Troy was humping back, just as hungry for Alexander’s meat. The solely drawback was that Alexander had to twist his head to the side ‘cuz straight on brought him in too close proximity to Dan’s unyielding boner inches away. Any real cocksucker fucking in that situation would be down on that cock in a flash, blowing his buddy whilst this boy receives a buttwash. But Alexander wasn’t a cock sucker. this chab was a straight guy who just happened to be fucking some other boy up the asshole, letting a guy engulf his dick, and letting a boy eat his butt. The way his prick was feeling up that silky tightness, that guy truly wondered if a stranger was sitting on the kid’s face at the moment, would he still be as adamant or would this chap go down, down, down?
Dan was oblivious. His head was thrown back and his eyes were closed, enjoying the sensation of that moist tongue lazily flicking about betwixt his cheeks and probing into the confines of that sensitive portal hitherto reserved for flushing his turds. The realization that Troy was so entranced with doing it precisely coz it was his turdhole, resulted in a constant barage of petite electrical shivers of forbidden lust coarsing throughout his nude body. that chap rather wished his asshole had been as grungy as Denis’s, intrigued to know whether the weird little faggot would discover his shit as enticing…or maybe even go bonkers over it and demand some au natural! asshole to mouth in one impure extravaganza of depravity!
(Man, this gutter act is way also powerful on the senses. I gotta receive those indecent ideas outta my head previous to I start suggesting actually disgusting things we could make him do! Dan thought, trying to break his train of thought. Besides, just because the kid licks assholes that are…well, still have a little shit on them…doesn’t mean he’d desire a lad to do anything as gross as indeed shit a turd into his mouth!) Dan suddenly hopped off and got down with his head next to Troy’s.
“I gotta know. Would you let a lad take a shit in your mouth? Are you that dirty, that you’d let a turd slide between your lips from some dude’s rectal aperture? I can not acquire it out of my mind and I just have to know one way or the other.”
Panting from the enormous fuck this guy was involved in, Troy gasped with a breathy incomplete smile, “I do not know, depends on the lad. u offering?”
“No, no! I just…I do not know, forget it. I got to go get a drink of water.”
After Dan scurried off to clear his head, Alexander chuckled. As close as that chap was, this chap heard the whole swap.
“Sounds like you have been churning my buddy’s bowels a little to much down there. Gettin’ enormous duty urges that’ll have dung flying everywhere previous to long.”
“Naw,” Troy giggled. “He’s just overamped and overwhelmed. He’s just curious how far i would actually go. Seeing me lick a shitty darksome hole clean, then watching a prick up my hole and feeling me darting in and out of his rectum obviously searching for a taste of what’s up there and there is merely one thing… shit. I like tasting shit and his shithole is on my mouth. Naturally this chab wonders what i would do if that guy suddenly began to take a dump.”
“What would u do? No, do not tell me. I do not want to know. If u do it, I don’t want to see it. If you not ever have, I don’t have a doubt in the world that you will some day.”
“Fuck me, Alexander! Drive that big prick up my arse and fill my guts with gallons of sexy balljuice! Then Dan can climb on and take his mind off big steaming turds shitting into my mouth and concentrate on normal stiff prick screwing the daylights out of fag slutboy.”
Within a minute they were one as well as the other groaning and groaning, humping in raging unison, Alexander slamming his wang viciously into Troy’s absolutely receptive cockpit. Even Denis was alert and over his exhaustion, watching ’em as his prick began to slowly rise again. Dan walked in just as they bellowed out their mutual climax and not fast wound down as their passion subsided, leaving ’em dripping sweat and gasping.
“Sounds like someone sure got their rocks on this block!” Dan chuckled, his fist jerking off the overworked erection still at peak engorgement.
“You’re in the saddle, pal,” Alexander told to him. “Trust me, he’s a greater amount valuable piece of gazoo than 80% of the cunts i have fucked. Sloppy seconds do not mean a thing. this chap can clamp those muscles around a joint and milk it ’til your teeth chatter.”
“I’m a little creaky in the joints,” Troy complained, turning over. “Lemme receive on all fours, if that is okay with you, Dan.”
“Sure. u do not need a rest? u just unloaded. I’m rarin’ to go, but you’re likewise phat a guy for us overdo taking advantage of you.”
“Naw, poke it up my ass, man. Alexander and Denis had ball- shattering comes, and you need one real bad previous to u cream your knuckles. My asshole’s probably stretched so wide from that porking you can slide right in in advance of my muscles snap back into place. Besides, I love it. one time took four lads in succession, and came every time. Of course, all these other queers that kept coming over and sitting on my mouth the entire time helped a little.”
Dan eagerly got behind Troy’s a-hole and looked at his asshole. It was cherry red and puffed up, and it definitely had an open, drafty look to it. Aiming carefully, Dan poked his prick into the dark interior and easily sailed free. His nuts were nuzzling Troy’s hanging balls in advance of this boy felt the clench of silky anal flesh wrap around his shaft and say Howdy!
Troy glanced up seeing Alexander patiently kneeling there with his oozy 10-pounder at half-hang and a gleam in his eye. Oh yes, that’s right. “Fuck my hole, Dan. Fuck it as slow or fast as you crave. group-sex the crap out of me if you are borderline, or pump my sloshy rump for the next hour. My arse is yours to use, man. But if it’ll turn your stomach or make your nuts instantly crack, look away, ‘cuz I have a prior obligation to perform and it’ll solely make my moist bung all the greater quantity crazy to have you stuffing it.”
With that, Alexander scooted up until his slagging knob was brushing over Troy’s lips. this boy had a prick to clean, and damned if the fucker did not smell delectable! there is always a bunghole among bungholes that refreshes without fail. No amount of fatigue or sated libido can contend with the recuperative powers of Troy’s own essence. The smell this chab was inhaling rushed to his brain. His pecker began to instantly fill with pulsing blood as the aroma he adored above all wafted up his nostrils. Never, in all his couplings or sessions of group debauchery, had this chab hesitated for a second when confronted face to face with a penis freshly withdraw from his own rectum. Slick or caked in filth, this chap always accepted a prick he’d been fuck by…into his mouth to be sucked, licked, and thoroughly cleaned. A monstrous glob of his creamy shit is the closest this guy is come to eating a turd, but this chab has totally no qualms about mouthing his own shit from a guy’s cock. Yeah, this chab eats it. this guy eats it, and he loves doing it. And this guy can’t live without having an audience watching him!
Alexander’s knob was cum drenched and covered with oozy juice from his rectum. There was some shit on the wang and more beneath the ridge. What u might describe as decently respect- able for a boy to engulf on from anybody’s asshole, Troy savored the bittersweet sourness and zesty tang his rectum produced in abundance. that lad grasped Alexander’s shaft with two fingers at the base and lifted it so the chap could observe each obscene lap his tongue took along the sticky shaft, and every smooching movement his throat made as the cheesy flecks and brown shit were kissed off the wang and dragged from the not quite all reliable, unfailing spot for hidden treasure…the natural shit-capturing ridge below the cockhead.
It was understandable that Troy had a special attraction to guys with fat, bulbous penis dongs. Not solely were they suckable delights, but loyal confederates in the quest to supply a worthy stuffing fuck during the time that doubling as a magnifi- cent collector of deeply entrenched goodness from upper colon to Troy’s lips and back down one time more. And how these boys acquire a charge out of watching him scoop that crap out from under and swallow it down with wanton, unbridled depravity! Lots of guys eat out impure assholes, and greater quantity than a hardly any will gladly take a man’s turd into his mouth, but there is smth extra filthy watching a cock-sucker eating his own shit from your prick with shameless adoration!
“That’s it, messy boy,” Alexander patted him on the head, “clean that stinking meat. hawt little queer has one greater amount large 10-pounder up his a-hole during the time that that guy eats the shit off the first one. Then he’s gonna entreat for the second one the moment it slides out of his cum-filled ramrod hotel and engulf it madly, desperately, hoping it brought smth naughty up from the basement something real nasty and brown and stinking. The stuff this guy makes particular peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with when nobody’s looking!”
“Jezzus, Alexander!” Denis scowled, admonishing him. He’d been standing there since Alexander’s jock 1st went to Troy’s lips. He wanted to see him clean it off. “Sometimes I think you are more disgusting than this boy is!”
“Picturing him shitting on a piece of bread doesn’t tickle your sense of humor, hunh?”
“It does mine,” Dan surprisingly interjected with a contented smile as this boy tossed his head around dreamily with his eyes closed, swaying to the rush of sensations flowing from the head of his dong up through his entire body as this guy sensuously shafted Troy’s smooth membranes and felt the intense heat of the rectal furnace tingling and massaging his shaft more intimately than any orifice had ever done. Part of his silly, detached grin was the fascinating dream this guy was allowing himself to indulge in. The image of his shlong rummaging around Troy’s rectum, undulating against the fleshy, living pinkness as it moved aside when this guy permeated and tightened during the time that retreating to keep a possessive, loving clutch on his pecker pleading for a quick return. But the naughty image this chab allowed with secret glee was watching his jock at full penetration sliding along and pushing into Troy’s deeply situated pocket of warm, sensuous, creamy shit. Soothing his penis. Heating it. Making it stink and trying to cling on…some of the juices going into Dan’s pores. All taking place in hidden secrecy…all purposely planned by Dan’s brain with full knowledge of his immoral wants with no moral judgment involved. Even his shit contains intuitive knowledge that a visitor has come to be gratified and soothed and coaxed into acting as a carrier to take the edge off a craving addiction that will not abate and need to be fed. He chuckled aloud at the preposterous image of little turdballs carrying diminutive suitcases as they hop onto his prick and cling tightly for the ride out. Yeah, they’re causing all that tingling! Little turdballs digging their nails into my shaft and hanging on!
“You plan to rearend him all day, Sebastian?” Alexander nudged his shoulder.
“H-hunh? Oh. Wow. I can not believe I still haven’t come. Is it just me, queers in general, or does this kid have a magic asscunt or smth? I do not wish to begin blowing rods or anything, but I could fuck Troy each day and not at any time miss pussy one bit.”
“He’s just a queer with an asshole, buddy. Okay, maybe a special queer with an arsehole that’s got a little magic. Alright, maybe even…”
“WHAT THE FUCK’S GOING ON HERE?” somebody bellowed from the doorway. Startled, they all turned to watch 2 large lads with real angry expressions. One had a gun!
“Hey, dudes!” Alexander gushed pleasantly once this guy recognized who they were.
“Alexander, u little turd, what the fuck’s going on? Somebody said they saw u going over the back fence. What’d you fuckers do, drag him over here for a gang rape? Troy, u okay, man?”
Troy nodded, with a relieved smile. Dan was frozen on the spot…his shlong still buried up Troy’s butthole, likewise frozen into rigidity.
“Troy’s perfectly delirious, as u can see, neighbors,” Troy chuckled. “He has a valuable large wang up his chocolate aperture and a delightfully expressive massive grin on his pleasured puss. Is that the picture of tortured abuse, or a cheerful homo getting his every want fulfilled?”
“Don’t smart off, you prick. i’m too damned worked up for anything but straight explanations.”
“Hmmm. straight explanations, hunh? u would recognize something str8 if u came across it, right? I mean, considering…”
The growing anger on the guy’s face was quickly dissolved by the sound of Troy’s uproarious laughter. He, greater amount than any of them, could watch the absurdity of the situation and was too amused to break it up until totally necessary. But he couldn’t control his outburst any longer. this chab giggled and added, “Keep fucking me, Dan. Let them work it out. We got business to cum-clude. Jigger me innards, matey!”
Cautiously approaching the lads when the one lad let out an exasperated sigh and his body visibly untensed, Alexander stopped halfway ‘cuz this chab was unable to control the impulse for one last wisecrack and this chab did not care to be also close.
“So, guys, how do you like my cock?” this lad gave them a huge grin, then quickly got serious just in case. “Listen, I know I’ve been a real prick to u boys all these years, and I sincerely regret it. I had no right, no reason, no excuse except that i am a loud-mouthed asshole who can not think for himself so this guy goes with the crowd. But I hope you have noticed I haven’t pulled that shit in well over a year. I do not expect your forgiveness, but i would like a truce. This…” this chab turned and waved his arm toward the 3 undressed guys, 2 in oblivious rut, since Troy was not alarmed and Dan was likewise hot not to take his word for it, “is all my fault. But it is all enjoyment and games. I got turned on peeking through the fence at all the butt-fucking and cocklicking and snuck over buck bare just to see if I could acquire this one nasty fucking kid to take up with the tongue out my asshole. I sat on his face then I brought him home and he’s been happier than a pig in shit doing me and my buddies… blowing, fucking, eating out bawdy assholes. Well, u know him better than we do. Does that sound like it’d be rape or Disneyland to Troy?”
“Troy, you little slut! When we realized how lengthy you’d been gone we panicked. And here you are peddling your itchy ass to all the neighbour boys, teaching ’em smutty things and making ’em mad. Dammit, boy, you know how facile it is to turn a str8 boy’s head. Alexander, it is admirable we got here in time. Say what u want, but two greater amount hours and u boy-friends would have cocks in your throats and shootin’ your 3rd or 4th loads.”
“Dream on, Bozo!” Alexander snorted. “I do not go that easy. Woulda taken him well into the next day afternoon previous to I ever sucked a guy’s dick!”
That broke the ice and made everyone laugh.
“Hey, come in the kitchen and I’ll acquire you lads a beer while they finish their black hole boning in peace. Come on, Denis. Aw, forget your fuckin’ clothing. Who cares? Hey, Peterson, u not at any time did say whether you like my cock.”
With a large grin, his neighbor said, “Very good. Very suckable. Actually, though, i have been eyeing your cute a-hole all these years.”
“Well, buddy, here’s the straight talk. it is available, but presently restricted to tongue action. However, in any range of flavor u might love majority of all. Troy, as you might guess, had the Deluxe with anything on it…and that’s what seduced him over the wall.”
“Yeah, and this chab licked my booty inside and out and it was all shitty!” Denis blurted.
“Bet u tossed your marbles over that, didn’t you?”
Denis sheepishly nodded. The stud with the gun brazenly got behind Denis and pulled his buttcheek open and whistled. “Absolutely flawless for a dungheap, Al. Add shit to this crack and u got one mighty strong stud!”
“Uh, yeah, Troy said I sure stunk, alright,” Denis giggled, “just previous to this chab licked it.”
“I’m sure. But what I meant was real power. Seductive power. Shit on an anal opening so highly gross as yours to start with, and u can have any dude with these tendencies at your fucking lenience. guys would fucking marry you, buy you yachts, just to have that keester to come home to and bury their tired faces in for relaxation. Even if u keep it wiped, u have got a gold mine betwixt your cheeks. it is not my trip, but if you wiped after taking a dump, i would buy you a pony just to suck it once a week!”
Denis laughed. Then this chab half whispered, “There’s no shit on it now, mister. Troy made sure of that.”
Taking the unveiled hint, the guy knelt down and buried his face up Denis’s booty and licked the big repulsive-looking asshole. Smiling, Denis brazenly doubled over and let the man suck his gazoo as the others watched with amusement.
“Tell you what, beanpole,” Al Peterson dragged Alexander’s attention away. “You loosen up sufficiently to give me a handjob, and I’ll rim your enchanting little arse with a not many greater amount years of experience than bumboy in the other room.”
“Handjob, hunh? Fist around the old meat, pumpin’ up the jizz? would not have to learn much to carry that out, would I? I’ll shake on that. Hope u like your bungholes ripe and hairy. Hell, for u I’ll even wipe it. Oh, damn, I did say any flavor of your choice, did not I? I guess it is up to you, then.”
“You little snot. Do I look like a cunt to you? When I do a man, I take him as this chab is. Who the hell do you think taught Troy anything he knows? you are dealing with the fucking coach now, asswipe! you’re not old enough to produce enough grunge to disgust me. You’d have to be laying dead in a field three days to stink sufficiently for me to hold my nose. Of all the queers on the other side of that fence, you picked the two you’ll not at any time be able to humiliate. you just take as long as you like to let your buttcrack fester and ripen, then give me a call. I’ll come over here, ‘cuz by then the town council probably won’t let u walk the streets out of passing out gas masks. Course, I don’t mind admitting a little preview would lessen my impatience. u know, if u just happened to bend over and find smth real interesting in the linoleum to stare at for a spell, I might suddenly acquire real dizzy and just have to kneel down til I acquire my senses back.”
“Golly,” that guy spun around. “Denis sure appears to be to discover something interesting on the floor.” this chab bent way over, widening his legs and exposing his asscrack to the chap. “Wonder what this chab is looking at.” Denis glanced over, stifling a giggle, as Alexander winked at him. together they one as well as the other got rimmed deliciously by the gun- toting intruders now pussycats whose aggressiveness was all channeled into the pink wiggly things they were inserting into hairy juvenile rectums destined to be the rage among the local buttsuckers if they played their cards right and carefully scheduled the use of Charmin!
Screams and cries came from the living room. Distinctly recognizable as the culmination of 2 heaving bodies sharing a moment of nirvana, nobody bothered to check it out. A minute later, however, Alexander twisted his head and glanced into the living room to satisfy his curiosity. Sure enough, Troy was on his knees previous to a wobbly-kneed, standing Dan, sucking his juicy 10-pounder and licking up and down a shaft that most assuredly was a lot shittier than Alexander’s had been. Dan watched, rustling the kid’s hair, finding the act not the least disgusting. His imaginary visit up Troy’s rectum had fully prepared him for this inevitable conclusion. this guy watched in awe and excitement as Troy tongued the slop from his dripping prick and shamelessly ate the goodly amount of crap glued fiercely around his shlong and the sides of his prick. that guy loved watching the boy eating his own shit and wished it was even filthier than it was. When it was complete, Dan leaned over and whispered something into Troy’s ear. A burning wish this chab had and a wishful, not quite pleading, hope that Troy’s reply would be affirmative. Troy looked up at him with an Oh, u would, hunh? smirk, and sluggishly nodded. They sat on the daybed in a whispered huddle until the boys came out and dragged him out the door bare. that guy came over that way, this chab can damned well swing his naked wazoo over the fence again!
“Well, did I deliver?” Alexander clapped his hands. “Was that a shit-licking afternoon of adventure or what? Guess you got short-changed a little, Dan. Denis and I both got rimjobs and sucked off in the kitchen.”
“I’m gratified. Might even receive a little bonus later on.”
“What’s that mean?”
“Oh, not ever mind. I might tell you if it comes about.”
“Well, if it involves Troy, it involves smth filthy. I’ll use my imagination and…maybe go over some of the past comments and conversations of the day. I’ll bet I can come up with a not many speculations. Anyway, Al told any time they got a party going on, and especially a backyard full of in nature’s garb queers, we’re welcome to join in if we’re in the mood for a bunch of fags crawling over us, worshipping every part of our lovely bodies with no obligations. See, let that be a lesson to you. Never go around yelling obscene QUEERS! and filthy COCKSUCKERS! cause you might lose out on a not many years of hot action!”

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